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Day 3

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Opie is not as good today as the first two days.  We misread the dose of cephalaxin and were only giving him 500mg twice a day.  The vet actually prescribed 1000mg twice a day.  Called the vet and they said to start with the 1000mg at his next dose, so we did last night and this morning.  He is now very depressed, lethargic and seems a bit out of it.  He is still eating and drinking, but not much else.  I will call vet tomorrow for advice.  In the meantime has anyone had experience with this antibiotic?  Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Day 3”

  1.   wyattraydawg Says:

    Well, the only side effect we heard about a tripawd getting was runny poo. You may want to ask people in our Forums though.

    The lethargy could be from anything, but most likely he’s just experiencing the usual post-surgery crash we see a lot of dogs go through. It probably has nothing to do with the antibiotic dosage, but more like just that his system is leveling out after all of the pain meds he had running through it.

    We aren’t professionals though, so call your vet, you’ll feel a lot better afterward. Good luck.

  2.   romeo2 Says:

    Dear Opie and Mom: We have been following your story. Sorry we haven’t had a chance to write sooner. Our Romeo (a big golden/lab mix) had his surgery on Aug 17. Romeo LOVES the snow like Opie!

    Romeo came home on cephalaxin and tramadol. Also some sublingual morphine (well we went back for that after his first night home, he had stayed two nights in the hospital). I can’t imagine the cephalaxin is making Opie lethargic—-this really just seems par for the course. Romeo mostly slept for the first ten days.
    He would eat or drink a little when we brought him food and water. He would go outside to pee and maybe sit in the yard a little, but mostly he slept and slept. It is probably exhaustion more than depression. I would keep an eye out for signs of infection since Opie was getting less of the antibiotic than prescribed. Checking in with the vet is always a good idea.

    Things really turned for Romeo around ten days. Although some dogs needed a month. But today Romeo runs, has amazing stamina, and has even jumped a fence in pursuit of a squirrel. He also digs and loves to play with his tennis balls. He’s been in the water, but hasn’t tried swimming yet. Although we’re in New England and Romeo does not like cold water! He loves to swim June-August!

    I remember you mentioned family disapproval and rescheduling the surgery from your earlier posts. My parents tried to advise us against amputation saying Romeo was too old (9 1/2) and it would break his spirit. Well now everyone marvels at how amazing Romeo has done physically and he is his same old self
    spirit wise! Also, I think it’s good you waited for the surgery until you were ready. The vet who diagnosed Romeo said basically he should have the surgery the next day. We decided to take two weeks to wrap our heads around it and we’re so glad we did. Opie was ready because you were ready.

    I know the beginning is very, very hard. But it does get better.
    Opie is resting and recovering. That is what he needs now.

    Our special tip is pillows. Extra pillows really helped Romeo rest comfortably, allowing him to switch positions when needed—not just lie in one position. Early on we also took him for a ride to get soft ice cream—his favorite treat!

    Love to Opie and family. Hang in there. We love the snow picture! Eve and Romeo

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