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Day 9

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Opie:  I’ve been getting a lot of toys lately.  Here I am with my new halibut.  He makes a really cool honky sound whe I bite him.  mmmmmm halibut…..

I am an excellent sleeper.  I can sleep almost anywhere.  Here are some photos of me when I was still a Quad Pawd.  I have lots of adventures.  Soon, when I feel better, I will have many more.  Until then here are some places, I have slept:

Me sleeping at the throttle in Prince William Sound

Me sleeping at the throttle in Prince William Sound

I can sleep, even if my lip gets hung up on the throttle

I can sleep, even if my lip gets hung up on the throttle

I was really tired...the ocean rocked me to sleep

I was really tired...the ocean rocked me to sleep

Now I am really comfortable

Now I am really comfortable

Here I am sleeping on Mom & Pop's bed at the cabin

Here I am sleeping on Mom & Pop's bed at the cabin

So ya see I am the best napper ever!

Lazy is the new cool.

Mom will write something later.  She took me to that bad place again today.  The v-e-t.  aaarrrrrgrrrrrrrrr. I hate that place.  Anyway, they told my mom that I had a seroma, which explained the massive wet spots that mysteriously appeared aallllllllllllllllllllllllll through the house.  Well, when one place got soaked, I moved to another…I’m no dummy.  Since I leaked all over, I feel much better.  I got to plow the driveway with Pop.  I  sit beside him and drive up & down the driveway.  I left a big puddle on his seat.  It is supposed to be 40 degrees below zero next week.  Mom is talking about taking me to work on Monday and I get to lay under her desk.  She will probably make me wear that coat she made for me and I’ll have to wear booties.  Last winter I lost one of my favorite orange booties, but now that I only have three feet, it doesn’t matter.  How convenient is that?

I feel like a treat, so I am going to go to the door and pretend I need to go poop.  I always get a treat when I come back in.  I have never had so much peanut butter in my life!   mmmmmm….peanut butter.

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12 Responses to “Day 9”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Oh I loved all the sleeping pictures of Opie!!! Too funny!! 🙂

    Jake was also an expert at sleeping… He could sleep anywhere, anytime… and always a deep sleep! But I think his favorite was when he’d jump up on our bed and sleep cuddled in between us and Wolfie… My husband and I couldn’t move, but we didn’t care.

    Keep posting all those adorable pictures of Opie!

    Jake’s Mom

  2.   Opie Says:

    Hi Jake’s Mom!

    When we picked Opie out of the litter, we did that 10 point puppy test because I wanted a calm lazy dog. The tests worked for us because did we ever get a laid back golden in Opie. He truly is the best napper.

    I wish Opie was a snugger. He is always too hot. If we have a fire going in the woodstove, he goes out to the Arctic entry and sleeps in the draft. Occasionally he would jump up in bed with us, but he wouldn’t stay long.

    I sometimes dog sit for a friend’s golden. His name is Blue because he has piercing blue eyes, though he is full golden…no apparent husky in his background. Anyway, he tries to sit so close to me on the couch, it is like he is trying to crawl inside my skin. He is a cutie.

    Thanks for your posts!

  3.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Peanut butter is the best! My favorite too!

    I wish I could sleep like you! I refuse to lay down in the car, I might miss something. We took a 10 hour car trip to Iowa a couple years ago and I didn’t lay down until about the last 30 minutes! I slept good that night!

    Sounds like you are in for a treat with really cold weather! I think I would wear a coat and booties!!!!

  4.   Chris Says:

    40 Below – crumbs, that sounds soooo cold! Love the sleeping pictures my dos are too nosey for sleeping!!Enjoy the snow. Barney says thanks for the good idea with peanut butter he say it sounds yummy and he is going to try that with his tablets tonight……

  5.   maggiesfamily Says:

    Opie’s pictures made our day! We love the ones of you sleeping on the boat! You drove the boat all by yourself what an amazing doggie!

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