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Day 15

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Camping with Opie

Camping with Opie

Well, I got my stitches out today and it felt sooo good.  Then I had my first chemo treatment.  So far so good.  Mom took me to Alaska Feed Company and got me some no skid booties, cause I slipped a little on the parking lot ice when i got in the car.  Then she let me pick out some treats that i wanted.  We were heading to the checkout when i smelled something high up.  wait…could it…yes!…beef tracheas!..on the top shelf!  I tried to get Mom’s attention, but she was talking to the lady at the counter.  aaaaaggggghghghghhhhhhhh!… Nova said that beef trachea were really good and by the smell I know she was telling the truth….finally Mom saw them and bought one.  but it was just a small one.  Not a big one like Nova had….@#!%$.  Well a small one would have to do, then the lady said, “Oh.  These are buy one get one free.”  So I got two which is almost like getting one big one…phewww.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  No work.  Well except for working at home.  Last weekend Mom & Pop were cleaning up the workshop.  Pop wanted to put the raft in the crawlspace and asked Mom to help.  Then he got frustrated because …well…Mom is kind of a wimp.

“You know I don’t have any upper body strength!,” she hollered.  Then she said to me, “Opie, I wish you had opposable thumbs so you could help.”  I just hope that doesn’t mean another v-e-t visit to have them sewn on.  I know Peyton likes his v-e-t and she is pretty, but I cannot be wooed….well except for Katie the beagle, but that is another story and another day.  Good night tripawds!  Do good! Fight the good fight!

PS.  Thank you to Jake’s Mom for the virtual raspberries.  They tickle!

Heading Down the Gulkana River

Heading Down the Gulkana River

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4 Responses to “Day 15”

  1.   chuymaloney Says:

    Wow! Beef trachea is so NOMMY!!! You are one lucky guy to get some of that. We have a hard time finding bully stix here let alone find beef trachea. By the way, do you paddle that canoe too?

  2.   admin Says:

    Do good! Fight the good fight!

    Many thanks for the reminder. Take it easy on the Jager! 😉

  3.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Opie you really know how to enjoy life! I wish I could sleep any where like you! I’m surprised you weren’t sleeping on the raft.

    If you need the number to my V-E-T for those thumbs let me know! Hopefully your humans aren’t that crazy!!

    Hope all went well with your chemo. I haven’t had any problems since my treatment on Thursday!

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