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Day 26

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Wow.  The days keep sneaking by me and I don’t write on my blog.  Well.  I just have to say one thing….BWAaaahahahahahahahahah!  All my tripawd friends make me wag my tail!  I love to read everyone’s post and I am really pleased to know that so many of you share my concern about dog-eating-machines.  Peyton:  I totally get that you hump the nearest bed when the dog-eatiing-machine is running around.  I have a really big “stuffie” as Nova would say, his name is Ted.  Before my surgery, when I would be really happy, like right after I ate dinner, I would grab Ted and hump him.  Ted is a really good buddy.  I have had him since I was a pup.  I will have to post a photo of Ted soon.  Mom says she will only know that I am completely happy when I hump Ted again.  I almost did tonight, but then decided I would let mom be crazy for a little while…I get more treats when she is worried and unstable.

Anyway, after work today, Mom and Pop took me to see my girl friend, Katie.  I haven’t seen her since before the surgery.  I was worried she wouldn’t want me anymore, but she was the same sweet Katie she always was.  When Katie had puppies many years ago, I was the only other dog that she would allow around her pups.  No, I wasn’t the Father, but I felt like the Daddy.  Anyway, Kate and I are tight, ya know?  Here’s a picture of me and my girl:

Katie and Me

Katie and Me

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10 Responses to “Day 26”

  1.   cairasue Says:

    Awwwww-your girl Katie is such a petite thing. You look like a handsome manly man next to her!
    I hear ya about the “getting more treats when mom’s unstable” bit…happens over here too. Kinda confusing, but what the heck! More treats! right?
    What’s with all the feet on your t-shirt? Is that to make up for the missing one?

    Caira Sue
    P.S. I don’t hump anything. In fact, I get really confused when someone tries to hump me. It’s not fun, what’s that all about? There’s no tennis balls or peanut butter involved.

  2.   Fred Says:

    You are quite the photo subject; you look great and I hope only the best for you little buddy. You make all this medical stuff look like it never happend; must be the medication!Keep smiling and find the tennis balls and peanut butter under the Christmas Tree.
    Your friend,

  3.   jakesmom Says:

    Opie… You are so cute with your adorable little girlfriend! Hope you are ‘humping’ Ted real soon!!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Opie your girl is cute!!! I can see why you wanted to give her a heart! I knew she would still love you missing a leg, she’s a keeper!

    I too like to make my pawrents crazy because I get to score lots of treats that way! I haven’t humped any beds yet! I almost lifted my leg to pee two different times and Mom thought that was the greatest, so I think I will keep teasing her!!! More treats for us goldens!!!

  5.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Opie – you are so cute with your girlfriend. You look so happy to be with her. I’m glad she still likes you so much. Glad to hear you’ll be getting back to your normal routine soon (that’s code for humping!)
    Mackenzie’s Mom

  6.   Ben Says:

    You and Katie make a beautiful couple. I bet she was so happy to see you that she didn’t waste time counting your legs.

  7.   Opie Says:

    Hey Caira Sue,

    Yup. I am wearing one of my mom’s t-shirts. She really likes animal tracks. Sometimes when we are walking, she will say, “look Opie, a moose was here!” and then I’m like, “Duh, I smelled him a mile ago.” People are crazy…Their sense of smell is sooo compromised.

  8.   Hank and Dora Says:

    Hi Opie, we are Roland’s master, he thinks he is in charge but you know what I mean. Sorry we didn’t write before but dad said not to bother you brcause you need to get well and it looks like you are doing fine. Beings we are so young (9mos) what is humping? we just like to run and play, we chase tennis balls too, but there isn’t much snow here to hide them, we are trying to get dad to bring us up next summer and he says we’ll see don’t know what he is looking at but i guess we have to wait on him. We are really pulling for you to get well and hope to see you soon

  9.   tootsweets Says:

    Love that picture!! What cute dogs! 🙂

  10.   Peyton Path Says:

    Hey Opie! We haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope things are going well for you! We got pounded with snow over the weekend. I thought of you because I know you love to play in it as much as I do!

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