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Day 35

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The days are flying b y so fast.  Thanks, Peyton for giving me a nudge.  Sometimes I get on the site and spend so much time reading everyone else’s post and commenting on them, that I am all talked out and don’t update my post.  Anyway, I am doing really good.   My CBC was good last Friday, so my second chemo treatment is this Friday.  I hate going to the v-e-t, but I guess I have to.

My mom took me for my longest three legged walk ever so far!  We used to walk at lunch time every day before my surgery.  My favorite walk is the boreal forest trail, and my favorite swim is in the Chena River at the BLM offices, but the water is stiff now, so no swimming until May.  Mom is lucky to work on a state waterfowl refuge, so there are lots of trails and puddles to play in.  Today, it was a little chilly, so mom put on my booties before we went outside.  We walked across the first field and then across the second field and I tried to get on the boreal forest trail, but mom said I wasn’t ready yet.  She is afraid that if we go on the mile-long loop, I will get tired half way in…and I am too heavy for her to carry.  Pop says she should take the little sled that we sometimes use to slide down the driveway.  Mom said she would think about it, but didn’t figure I would stay in it.

How far can the rest of you tripawds walk?  Rear leg amputees can probably go farther than front-leggers, right?   Anyway, I think I can make the loop, but my mom is just worried.  I took a nice nap on her backpack when we got back.

OpePackI like to sleep on mom’s important stuff because she never goes anywhere without it.  That way, I wake up if she goes anywhere and I can tell her I want to go too.

I wish we would get more snow, like where Peyton lives.  We need some fresh stuff to jump around in.

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15 Responses to “Day 35”

  1.   gratefull Says:

    Opie, You are so lucky to have so many fields and trails to explore! We have a park down the street and of course the neighborhood to roam around in, but we have to travel a bit to get to fields and trails. Sounds weird i’m sure considering we live in Kansas and everyone thinks Kansas is nothing but farms.. not so!
    I love how you sleep on your mom’s important stuff! That’s soo smart:) My older brother Bailey hides my mom’s keys when he senses her getting ready to leave,so I don’t get too. The great part is though that I always look like the good boy:))
    I’m so glad your treatments have been going well:) I kinda like to go to the vet most of the time because i always get lots of attention and treats, I don’t like the poking and prodding though.
    I finally got permission to take that stupid “cone of shame” off!!
    life has been much better since then. We got lots of snow last night and it was really fun to play outside in it. I like to rub my head in the snow and it’s much easier now that i don’t have that hat on:))
    Well, I just wanted to say hi and that i’m so glad you are doing well.. take good care, Buddy

  2.   zoesmom Says:

    I love how peyton sleeps on your important stuff so you can’t go anywhere without you. Our dogs are so smart, aren’t they? Sounds like you all are doing very well!

  3.   Wyatt Ray Dawg Says:

    Opie, tell me again, where do you live? It sounds soooo beautiful!

    So, about rear leg Tripawds versus front leg….Well, according to my Mom and Dad, they think that rear leg tripawds can go a little farther but it takes them longer to recuperate. They said that their Jerry couldn’t walk as far at first, but he got stronger a LOT faster than I did. I’m still healing, four months after surgery. I have good days and bad, it depends on how hard I’ve worked myself.

    Can’t believe you’re already at day 35, congrats!!!

    P.S. I wear booties too, and really like them. I can go ANYWHERE in them!

  4.   jakesmom Says:

    Glad to hear how well Opie is doing… Give that boy of yours a big fat hug and kiss from me…

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  5.   Hank and Dora Says:

    HI Opie, sorry we didn’t write before now but dad said to let you get better first. Not to much snow here 18″ but thats enough to make me jump thru it cause mine and Dora’s legs are so short. Did your mom show you the video of me in the snow? We hope you are having fun and will wriet more later, bye for now.

    Hank and Dora

  6.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hi Opie – you sound so strong! That’s so great that you can get around so well these days and walk all these fun trails with your mom. I’m sure very soon you’ll be able to do the mile loop in no time (or should we say tripawd time.) I don’t think Mackenzie would stay on a sled either so you’re in good company! Sleds are for sissys! Great picture of you too laying on your mom’s important stuff – that’s the way to be sure you’ll go everywhere with her…you sure are smart too!

  7.   Opie Says:

    Hank & Dora!

    I am glad to hear from you. Yes. My Mom showed me the snow videos. I wish I had that snow here. It has been soooo long since it snowed here. The snow is all old and hard. Give your dad lots of licks!

  8.   maggie Says:

    Hi Opie!

    My Mom and I are jealous too of all your nice trails to walk on! When I first started going on walks again, I couldn’t go far without getting tired(I’m a rear leg amputee)…but I had been a couple of months on leash prior to my surgery cause various vets couldn’t really tell my Mom and me was was really wrong.
    You’ll get stronger! My Mom and I just take walks a little longer every time…I don’t know about you but if I can walk off leash and walk at my own pace – taking breaks when I want to – it’s easier on me 🙂


  9.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Glad to hear from you Opie! I was missing you! We have the same problem about spending so much time on the site reading about everyone else! We hope to post something on Sunday. We just took some cool pictures.

    Sounds like you go on some nice walks. I only walk about 1/2 mile twice a day. I get tired pretty fast with all the pain meds I am on. Mom and Dad try to not let me over due it because I pay for it the next day. I usually do my two walks and then we go to the park to play ball. I will chase the ball 2-3 times and then just lay down while Mom pets me and I check out the neighborhood. We haven’t seen the park in a week because of the snow. Usually when it snows it melts in a couple days, but it has been really cold! I would love to box some snow up for you and mail it to you 🙂 !

    Keep feeling good and sleeping on Mom’s important stuff so you get to go!

  10.   cometdog Says:

    Dear Opie,
    Boy, do I have a *bone* to pick with you! You and I have a 3- legged kinship (front left one, no less!) and you want to know more about Rocket, the ugly monkey butt dog??!!!!

    For 11 years, I’ve hopped around in this world and for the last 8 years I had a wonderful shepherd mix soul mate named Rugby. I lost him in July suddenly and unexpectedly to the big “C”. He was worth knowing more about. I can tell you great stories about him!

    A terri-poo-pooh head does NOT replace a beautiful and sweet German Shepherd mix!!! See how happy we were:

    Where’s the sympathy for me?!

    I amassed quiet the collection of toys and stuffed animals over the years. Do you think I have any now? NO. Why? Mr. Monkey Butt tore them up in a matter of months! Thanks to him *we* have to wait until Christmas for anymore toys because Mommy is tired of picking up stuffing every day! 11 years of toys, poof! GONE.

    But hey, I’m not going to hold a grudge against you. You didn’t know my story.

    I hope you are getting used to your 3 legs. It’s not so bad…Oh okay, I wouldn’t know if it is or isn’t because I’ve never had a working 4th leg. I have a really cool faux 4th leg! It way smaller and looks l like I’m shaking hands all the time! I can’t feel it but I can use it as a paddle when I move my shoulder. Plus, it is the greatest way to get sympathy! Every stranger I meet always give me attention!

    So, take it from me…enjoy your new found sympathy-getter!


    P.S. Be sure to fall down every now and then – it great for getting treats and extra hugs!

  11.   Opie Says:


    You are pretty tricky. Wow. You are a leftyless too? Cool. Sorry to hear about your brother. That sucks. I just laughed and laughed when you called your new brother, monkey butt! He sounds like a real pain. Hopefully, the little dirtball will rub off on ya at some point. Even a terrier has to have some redeeming qualities.

    Dude! He chewed up all your toys? I hate that. I take really good care of my toys. Don’t get me wrong. I play hard, but what is with these dogs that have to tear the stuffing out of things? When my friends come over, and I use the term ‘friends’ lightly, I have to put some of my favorite toys away or they would destroy them…My girl, Katie,…she’s a de-stuffer. Sweet kid, but I think that’s why we live in separate houses. She chewed a hole in the nose of my most favorite toy…Ted. Mom rescued him before she started pulling his brains out through his nose.

    Thanks for the sympathy tips! I did a somersault out of the car a few weeks back. Man, that was a treat-filled night! Too many kisses, though.

  12.   cometdog Says:

    You and I are gonna be swell friends, I can tell! We think alike! I love my stuffies and I especially love my balls! I’m pretty sure I’m half Golden, too. I think the other half is Corgi. And you know how people love Golden’s!!!! Well, I look like a mini one!

    Rocket, our terrier mutt is a monkey butt! His rearend sticks in the air and it was like, hairless! It was a hoot and then he started growing his adult hair.

    But lucky for me, he got his first pro grooming and the groomer decided to shave his butt! He has a Monkey Butt again! Oh, mom was none too happy. She thought the monkey butt thing was over! Now the hair is growing back and his monkey butt itches! It’s great a good belly laugh!

    Opie, keep you chin up and I mean that literally! I’m old pro at this 3 legged thing. If you need some advice…just give me a bark!

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