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Day 40

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Crikey!  Where to start?  It snowed today!  Hooray! The weather is kind of mild for December, but we are two feet behind our average snowfall and that does not make me happy.  The snow today was just a little dusting, but at least it whitened things up again.

Mostly this weekend I played on the computer.  I actually was falling asleep on the computer at one point.  I worked hard.

I love to read Nova's blog

I love to read Nova's blog

My pop and I played outside a bit, then I came in all tuckered, but didn’t want to give up my tennis balls.

Hey Peyton, can you do this?

Hey Peyton, can you do this?

Yup.  You’re seein’ straight.  That’s three…count ’em, three tennis balls in one incredible tater trap.  You can’t see the third one, but it is there.  Waaaaay far in the back behind the double decker.

Peyton, that sock thing is sooooo 70s dude.  (By the way, I think your dad wears the same kind of socks as my pop)  I have two words for you: Booo-Tees.  My mom says that at lunch time tomorrow, we are going to walk the boreal forest trail and I am really going to have to booty-up.  So, next post, you will see the most perfect trifecta, Leonardo DaGrinchy, toes nestled in the wildest booties around.  If it gets much more below zero, I may even have to wear my coat too!

Oh yeah, Wyatt Ray, you asked where I live:  Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is pretty chilly in the winter and the days are short…today is 3 hours and 47 minutes of daylight.  Mom and I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Sunrise is 10:53AM;  Sunset 12:46PM.  But after December 21, the days will start getting longer and longer, when in June it will be light 22 hours of the day!  Can anyone say, “Swimming! all night long!”  Wooowhooo can’t wait.

My parting shot.  Pop was wrestling with me tonight and I lost so I had to wear my bandana on my head while mom kept calling me ‘Sister Opie.’  Mom calls me Sister Opie when she dries me off after a bath and wraps the towel around my ears and under my neck.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t try and figure out Mom…she has issues.


oh. oh.  I hear somebody in the peanut butter jar…gotta go.

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6 Responses to “Day 40”

  1.   admin Says:

    Precious photos! Thanks for the update.

  2.   maggie Says:

    You live in Alaksa Opie! My Mom has always wanted to go there…she’s a sled dog nut..following the big races like Iditarod and Yukon Quest! We pretend to have our own sled dog team – me and my sister Haley skijoring 😉
    Love your photo’s!! Don’t swallow that other tennis ball!


  3.   Tracy, Maggie's Mom Says:

    Hey Opie’s Mom!
    Interesting guess on Maggie’s breed…never, ever heard of that Bear Dog breed! Neat! She’s a GSD mix…of what mix…who’s to say..did the DNA test and came back GSD in her grandparents (thought her mother was close to fullbred GSD) and Dachshund in her great grandparents! Go figure…Maggie is over 25″ at the shoulders! WHERE is the Doxie?!
    But Maggie might be able to “play” a Bear dog…cause she’d act “whacked” in her truck just like them!
    Her nickname “agilecowdog” comes from the fact I did Agility with her for 9 years and the “cowdog” part comes from a friend of mine nicknamed her that due to her ‘holstein like’ coat pattern with a VERY much looking cow’s tail…I’ll have to post a picture sometime of her tail so you can see why 😉
    You are an awfully big fox to be mistaken as one!!!! 😉

  4.   cometdog Says:

    Okay Opie, you’re just showing off with those balls! That really makes us other ball players look like rookies.

    The babooshka dog look suits you! (you, show off)

  5.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Sister Opie!! Come on are they serious? I think you look cool, but you probably look cool no matter what!!

    I didn’t realize you lived in Alaska! Do you want to come stay with me for a while in Colorado so you can enjoy a little more daylight! We do get like 240 days of blue sky, it is awesome!! It makes me happy. Usually when it snows it melts in a couple days and so we get to enjoy snow one day and nice sunny weather the next! Let me know, I’m sure my pawrents would agree to a long sleep over! Plus my Mom doesn’t leave for work until like 11 am and so we get lots of morning attention and treats since Dad isn’t home! Mom is the softy and she loves giving out PEANUT BUTTER! AWESOME!!!

    I haven’t tried the tennis ball trick. I bet Dillon could do it! He has a big mouth (he could probably do 4 or 5 🙂 )I know he can do two at once. I will ask him to do it and see if Mom will have her camera ready! I would try, but Dillon will totally steal the balls from me ( can you say: BALL HOG)!

    I hope you read my clarification comment on my blog about Mom typing my posts for me! She could never come up with such words, that is all me. She just types!! Charity even sent a new comment apologizing for the misunderstanding! Sorry to worry you Opie!

    Hope your feeling great and living the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.   cometdog Says:

    Oh, one more thing Opie…that 22 hours of sun turned you orange! Thought I tell you if no one else has since we’ve become BFF’s.
    I mean, it’s a nice hue and it really looks good but –you’re orange.

    P.S. How do you get in an afternoon nap this time of the year? After breakfast? Wow, you just blink and the day is gone!

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