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Day 48

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I cannot believe how time flies!  I have so much to say.

First.  Yes Comet Dog, I am orange! I love orange.  My mom’s hair is the same color as mine.  When people say to her, “Wow.  Your hair is the same color as your dog.”  She says, “Yes.  I take him to the hairdresser every six weeks for a dye job.”  Actually what happened is one day my mom drove to this place and she cut some of my hair and went inside.  When she came out her brown hair was…well…orange, like me.  My pop thinks she is crazy.

Anyway, I went on a long walk with mom the other day at work.  First I had to get my booties on my DaGrinchy toes.

Leonardo DaGrinchy Toes

Leonardo DaGrinchy Toes

Aerial View

Aerial View

Me and my booties

We walked all around the fields as the sun was setting.  It was cold, but I was soooo glad to be outside.  I chased the balls that mom threw and wasn’t fooled at all when she threw snowballs.

After work, we played in the fields again and mom tried to take a picture of the Christmas tree next to the barn.  The snow was falling and it was cold, but the tree was pretty.

I thought I had a lot to write, but I find myself at a loss for words.  I just want to wish all of my tripawd friends a Very Merry Christmas!  I hope you all find Yummy Chummies, bully sticks, beef trachea, Greenies, squeaker toys and stuffies under your trees on Christmas morning.

A special Christmas wish to Peyton, Dillon, Comet, Nova, and Wolfie.  Peace on Earth.

Oh boy I almost forgot.  Comet, look what my Mom found in a store while she was Christmas shopping…

The photo is blurry, but it is “Anti Monkey Butt” powder.  Let me know if you need some to make your monkey butt brother go away….Bwaaaahahahahahahah


Anti Monkey Butt

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9 Responses to “Day 48”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Merry Christmas Opie and your pawrents too!!!

    Angel Jake and Wolfie’s Mom

  2.   Peyton's Path Says:

    You Rock Opie!!! Your DaGrinchy toes are way better than mine! You are lucky, my Mom won’t let me keep mine. Maybe if she bought me some booties, I could keep my toe fuzz!!! I heard her telling Dad last night on our walk that I might need a pair of booties in this snow. My back feet slip a lot on the snow and ice.

    I know I impressed you with all of my Chuck It balls in that picture. You probably thought at one time I had four balls in my mouth, but I just stick to one. Mom really tried to have Dillon and I pick up several at a time, but we just laugh at her! We don’t follow her silly instructions. Normally when the camera is involved we do the opposite of what she tells us!

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun in Alaska! That would be pawesome if we could come visit you some day!!

    We hope Santa Paws brings you everything you wished for and more especially the peanut butter! I can’t wait to hear about your Christmas next week!! I am sure Dillon and I will be spoiled rotten! I deserve extra peanut butter since my birthday is on Christmas too!!! What is a beef trachea? We have never experienced those, but they sound delicious! I am drooling just thinking about it!

    Merry Christmas Opie and Family! We are very happy to have you as our good friends!!!

  3.   cairasue Says:

    I love love love LOVE those toes! Oh my gosh, if we had such cool fuzzy toes over here, we’d never trim them! Of course, there’s nothing fuzzy on Caira Sue.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Opie. Thanks so much for being here as part of our “family.”
    As for the monkey butt powder…..I found that stuff in the summer and laughed my fool head off. Had to buy some for my husband’s birthday as a gag gift. What a riot!

  4.   maggie Says:

    Hey Opie!
    I hope you had a good Christmas! I love those fuzzy toes!!! My little sister gets those too but my Mom cuts it off as she keeps getting snowballs in her toes! Guess she doesn’t wanna buy her some boots, huh? 😉

  5.   cometdog Says:

    Oh Opie.
    We are true BFF’s!!! I can’t stop laughing! I can’t! Who knew I could buy a powder to rid myself of Monkey BUTT!???? It may be pricey, but looks like it would do the trick!

    When I stop laughing, I’m gonna tell Mommy to Google it so I can get some! (she’ll buy me anything)

    HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT XMAS! I wished I had checked in sooner, M.B. powder would have made my Christmas!


    P.S. Love the orange hair and I bet mommy looks good, too.

    P.P.S I was forced to take a pic with Monkey Butthead for Xmas. Mommy had to hold him so you’d get his head in the pic and not his, well…monkey butt. (I’m the pretty one with the pink bow)
    Here it is:

  6.   cometdog Says:

    P.P.P.S. Your Leonardo DaGrinchy Toes aren’t ORANGE???? They would be so cool looking if they were orange! Can Mommy use some her dye to make them orange, too?

  7.   Maria Says:

    You are the best story teller ever! My mom sat and read your entire blog while stayed put on the heater vent by the desk. She says that she hopes I’ll be back on my feet soon and be going on long walks like you are now. Thanks for making my mom smile, she can’t wait until you write again.

    ps. I love your toes! They probably keep your toes nice and warm in the looong winter.

  8.   Peyton's Path Says:


    Sorry to have taken you off guard with our sad news about Peyton. We knew that we were living one day at a time because he did have some further complications with his cancer returning. My pawrents are going to post again when they are ready with more details. We don’t want you to be sad! Peyton would want you to continue to enjoy life and keep posting happy thoughts and pictures! Your blog keeps my pawrents going! We enjoy ready about you! Peyton also wants you to know he is saving a place at the swimming hole at Rainbow Bridge when you are ready. He doesn’t want you to rush because your pawrents need you here, but he is there when it is your time! He wants you to know that you don’t even have to wear a life jacket there!!

    Sending licks your way!!!

    Your new BFF (I promised Peyton I would continue his legacy)!


  9.   Opie Says:

    I am so glad that you will still be talking to us. We have become attached to you and your pawrents and don’t want to lose touch. I hope you and your pawrents have a good new years eve and day. We will be thinking about Peyton and you and your pawrents. We all will be looking at the same blue moon on new years eve. Peyton was and is a special soul and I cannot believe that I and my pawrents felt his leaving so deeply. but I know we will see him soon. I am so glad he is saving a place at the swimming hole because I am all about swimming! Hang tough Dillon. I know it can’t be easy, but hey…do you think your mom and pop will get you a little brother sometime? Then you can be the big brother! I’ll keep my toes crossed! More later. Sloppy kisses, Opie

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