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Not counting days anymore

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Hey everybody!  I have decided not to count days anymore because who cares?  All that matters is that we have fun while we are here.

I don’t have a lot of time to post today, but I have a burning question…Do your feet smell like corn chips?  I am totally serious.  All you pawrents:  sniff the feet of your canine kids, especially after they have been curled up for a while.  Do they smell like corn chips?  Let me know because my feet smell like corn chips and my mom says that my head smells like fried pork chops.   I have no way of knowing what my head smells like, but I agree with my mom and pop that my feet smell like corn chips…more specifically Fritos…hence my nickname, Frito Feet.  Let me know what your feet smell like, and this is not just a tripawd thing…I want to hear from Wolfie and Dillon too!

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12 Responses to “Not counting days anymore”

  1.   GerrysFosterMom Says:

    I’ll have to get back to you. I just went to check, but for like the first time ever, Gerry has himself snoozing in this position where all his feet are underneath his body and I don’t want to disturb him. It’s like he did it on purpose. I can almost hear him thinking, “Get off the computer and go to bed and I’ll let you smell my feet in the morning. Go on. Good girl.”

  2.   cairasue Says:

    My husband was game for this test. He just sniffed. Report: “Yeah, her feet kinda smells like dirty corn chips.” and her head? “just smells like dog.”

  3.   zoes4life Says:

    Yes, this is something I noticed a long time ago, especially when she needs a bath her whole belly smells like corn chips. We call her funky Frito Zoe:)

  4.   Nova Says:

    We totally get the Fritos thing here, but my kids say Nova’s feet are more the “Chili Cheese” Fritos variety! Her head, well that just smells like glorious, wonderful dog. Opie, we’re guessing your Mom must have been making pork chops and you snuck your head in there.

  5.   jakesmom Says:

    Yes, Wolfie’s feet smell like popcorn at times and his face smells like mushrooms (luckily I LOVE mushrooms! 🙂 )… but when he swims often… all those smells go away, ha! ha! But Jake’s feet never smelled like anything… unless he accidentally stepped in a poop I forgot to pick up in the yard… Yucky! I’ll take the smell of popcorn or fritos over poop anytime!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  6.   admin Says:

    I think your decision to not count the days is a most excellent idea! Thanks for reminding others! All that matters is now.

    PS: We just smelled Wyatt’s feet, and sure enough … he too is definitely one Frito Bandido. 🙂

  7.   krun15 Says:

    Did you ask that just to see how many people would do it??

    The report from here is out of seven feet, six do sort of smell like corn chips- the other smells like… well I’m not sure, we just got home from the park.

    Both heads smell like dogs-

    Now the girls are staring at me and I feel like a quick run to the store for a snack…

    Karen and the pug girls.

  8.   Peyton's Path Says:


    I totally have Frito Feet. Mom and Dad always talked about Peyton’s feet and my feet smelling like Fritos! That is funny. Why do they smell like that? Man that makes me hungry maybe I can chew on my feet and then Mom will feel sorry for me and give me a treat 🙂 !

    We are glad you aren’t counting the days Opie! We didn’t want anyone to treat Peyton different if they knew he only had a few months left with us. My pawrents were able to focus on the moment and the day and that helped all of us enjoy the time we had left! We really miss him now! Keep enjoying life Opie and peanut butter of course!!

    You will appreciate this, on Tuesday I received a package from a nice lady at the Chuck It company. She mailed us like 9 Chuck-It balls, a couple Frisbees and a water bowl. I am going to practice and try to put all nine in mouth at once (ok maybe only three or four). If I do it I will post pictures for you to see!

    Lots of Licks from Me and Peyton,


  9.   wyattraydawg Says:

    Opie, you’re making me hungry.

    Yep, corn chips, for sure.

  10.   cairasue Says:

    I’m back to check in and now laughing hysterically at how many people decided to smell their dog’s feet in response to your post! Silly people!

  11.   maggie Says:

    So that’s what the smell is on their feet! hahahahhahaha!!! You guys are a riot!!!

    I’m VERY glad you’ve stopped counting days, too… 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  12.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hi Opie – we are going to take your advice on not counting days anymore too- takes some pressure off for sure and lets us enjoy every day. As for the corn chip smelling paws – I have to admit that I couldn’t help but smell Mackenzie and Kobe’s feet out of curiosity. They thought I was acting crazy when I tried to get a sniff. Must be because we live in LA, brings us other kinds of odors to the paws if you know what I mean. So will have to get another sniff at another time and get back to you.

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