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Frito Feet and DaGrinchy Toes

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Thanks to everyone who smelled their dog’s feet.  Now, try licking them…they actually taste like corn chips……Bwaahahahahahahah…no..don’t do it, I’m just kidding.  Seriously, though, I always wondered if I was the only one and now I know I am not!  Just like there are lots of tripawds out there, there are lots of Frito Feet too!  And yes CairaSue, my mom thinks my feet smell like dusty corn chips.  Jake’s mom:  my mom says that her last golden retriever, Griz, had popcorn feet like Wolfie.

My mom read a book, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down, and the author also made comment that her dog’s feet smelled like corn chips.  She was soooo excited to know that someone else had noticed it besides her.  Anyway, I am glad to know I am not alone as a Frito Feet and a Tripawd.  You are all terrific.

Dillon, I can’t wait to see a picture of you with all those chuck-it balls in your mouth!

PS.  My Leonardo DaGrinchy toes are still growing!

My DaGrinchy Toes 2010

My DaGrinchy Toes 2010

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8 Responses to “Frito Feet and DaGrinchy Toes”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Opie! Your fuzzy feet are a riot!!!! My Mom doesn’t let my little Sister’s feet grow that long…she trims hers…she just got a trimmin’ this a.m. as she was getting too many snowballs snowshoeing! My coat isn’t that thick or long so I have NO DaGrinchy toes!!!


  2.   jakesmom Says:

    That’s so funny about the stinky feet all our doggies seem to have… and they all seem to smell similar. What’s up with that?!! Maybe Dr. Pam has a good medical explanation for that!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  3.   admin Says:

    Opie’s feet sure look the part, but he is most definitely no Grinch… considering he just upgraded his blog to become our latest Tripawds SupporterThank you! 🙂

  4.   cairasue Says:

    Is the Jager sitting next to Opie a sign of year to come? Did Opie do too much partying? I can totally see him dancing and showing off those toes!

  5.   peytonpawd Says:

    Opie~ My Mom almost licked my foot until you said you were kidding! Ok maybe not! I am so jealous of your DaGrinchy toes, I thought I could be like you, but oh no Mom had to take me to the groomers yesterday! I must admit I do smell fantastic!

    I will work on the ball trick, the problem is I have a hard time focusing! I love chasing one at a time and then I just chew on that one, but for you I will work on it!

    Thanks for adding Peyton as a friend. I bet he is looking down on us smiling! He really thought alot of you Opie! You are a cool Dude and he enjoyed being your BFF!

    Remember every single day is a blessing! Keep enjoying life Opie!

    Mom just got done posting a million pictures on Peyton’s blog! Hope you have time to check it out! He would have liked that!


  6.   Opie Says:

    Bwahahahahahah! Dillon! That would have been sooo funny if your mom licked your feet. You get groomed! No wonder you and Peyton always looked so good! Thanks, by the way, now my mom says she wants me to get groomed because of how good you always look. She won’t let them cut my DaGrinchies though. I wear booties all the time in the snow. It is usually too cold to go without and now that I can’t lift my feet when they get cold, I’m sure I’ll never be without them except for short stays outside.

    Hey. Do you not like to bring the balls back, too? I like to chase them, but am not big on bringing them back. We are kindred spirits.

    I am going to look at Peyton’s pictures now. I’ll bet they are terrific!

    CairaSue, Yup. It was a pretty good pawty!

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