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Christmas & Stuff

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I’m late on posting my Christmas pictures, but here they are anyway!

I love to open presents!

I love to open presents!

Mmmmmmm bully stick

Mmmmmmm bully stick

Mmmmmnumnumnumnum...another bone.  Santa is good.

Mmmmmnumnumnumnum...another bone. Santa is good.

Not funny, Pop.

Not funny, Pop.

After breakfast, we went for a walk on the river.  It was pretty cold, but it was really nice to get out in the sun.  I was running around and picked up a stick and mom chased me.  Then I saw this stick in the snow, but mom said I couldn’t take it.  It was a burbot setline.  Burbot are really tasty fish…mmmmmmm.


Me on the Tanana River Christmas Day

Here’s a picture of me in my younger days when my pawrents and I were checking our burbot setlines….I don’t like floppy fish.  I always refuse to look at them.

Wiggly Fish, yuk.  Fried fish mmmmmmmm.

Wiggly Fish, yuk. Fried fish mmmmmmmm.

We were walking on the river at high noon.  See how low the sun is?  I can’t wait for summer when the water isn’t stiff and I can swim again.

Me and 3 other goldens that happened to be on the river too.

Me and 3 other goldens that happened to be on the river too.

Me and my Pop

Me and my Pop

I stole my mom's mitten!

I stole my mom's mitten!

This next one is blurry, but my mom liked it so I figured I better post it.

Kisses for Pop

Kisses for Pop

Most winter days the moon doesn't bother to go down

Most winter days the moon doesn't bother to go down

Well, that was my Christmas.  I was pretty tuckered out when it was all said and done.  I hope all you tripawd buddies have a terrific, healthy New Year! ball....zzzzz..Katie...zzzz ball....zzzzz..Katie...zzzz

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12 Responses to “Christmas & Stuff”

  1.   Peyton's Path Says:

    What a wonderful Christmas Opie! You scored! I noticed the new tennis balls. They look like Chuck-It balls, have you tried the rubber Chuck-It balls? They are my favorite. Mom likes them too because they are harder for me to destroy. Still working on the ball trick!

    Seeing you out on your adventure brought tears to Mom’s eyes because she was thinking about Peyton. She hopes you continue your adventures because she loves reading your posts and seeing your pictures! The offer still stands if you want to come enjoy my sunshine in Colorado, you could come stay at my house. I sure do need a buddy! It is pretty lonely without Peyton around. You would fill his role pretty well since you are a totally cool golden missing a front leg. And you steal your Mom’s gloves! Mom put together a memory box filled with Peyton’s things and she included her glove he always carried. We miss him a lot, but I bet he is looking down on us smiling and having a good time!


  2.   jakesmom Says:

    What a beautiful Christmas you had Opie!!! You look so much like Jake in the last picture… I miss my baby. 🙁

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  3.   krun15 Says:

    Nice score Opie!!

    I love the debris field- our house looked like that too, only pug sized X 2.

    Karen and the pug girls.

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Great Christmas pics! Holly loves to steal my mitten, too! Then she wants me to chase her to get it back. Glad you had a fun holiday!

    Holly and Holly’s mom

  5.   Opie Says:

    Angel Jake’s Mom,
    Really? I look lake Jake? Wow I am handsome! At least from the three legs flailing in the air while I sleep point of view. I miss Jake, too and Peyton. They were….actually they still are my cyber buddies…Opie

  6.   maggie Says:

    Opie! Looks like you had a great Christmas!! You scored big time and made a great looking mess about like mine was! 😉
    My Mom follows the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest dog sled races…are you near those? We have a 250 mile dog sled race and our town is the 1st checkpoint…I can hear the sleddogs from my house howling to run!
    I loved the picture of you licking your Pop’s face….I do that too to my Papa 🙂

  7.   cometdog Says:

    Hey Op,
    I haven’t stopped by to say “Hi” for a bit. Glad you had a nice Christmas! I got a bit stiffed on my presents, thanks to ‘you – know – who’ tearing up all the toys. I haven’t felt too well since Christmas. My belly has been hurting and I’ve had to potty a lot – you know the kind that wakes you up and you have to run outside quickly! It was really icky. And then Mommy decided some bright pink liquid would do the trick. Well, it did. And then I couldn’t go potty for 3 days!!! But I just haven’t felt too well since Mommy said Rimadyl might be the problem. It’s hard when you’re old and 3 legged to get around. I need my Rimadyl!
    Well, as you may have figured out my mommy is a bit nutty about me (and kinda nuts in general)…so she insisted on blood work from the vet. She made me see, not one but two vets! My specialist ortho vet didn’t seem too concerned about my belly and Mommy was okay for a day or two and then she, in all her brillance – took me to regular vet and just had to torture me with all the bloodwork business. She got her vet degree from the University of Google! (I think she has a medical license too from them because she is so smart!) Hopefully, she’ll calm down when she get the results and I can get back on Rimadyl. And God forbid I don’t have to go back to vet anymore for awhile!!!!
    Opie, I bet your mom and pop are nuts, too?!! Hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. I can sorta tolerate – M.B Rocket these days. He’s still the most annoying and ugly dog you’d ever meet but he’s acting a little more grown up these days.

  8.   Opie Says:

    Hi Comet!
    I can’t find a blog for you. Do you have one? Anyway, I am happy to hear from you. OMD Yes! My pawrents are both crazy. They are always dragging me off to the V-e-T. I rarely say that name because everytime you say the name, it gives them more power.

    Are you kidding? M.B. is not so bad? Have you been sprinkling Anti Monkey Butt Powder on him? whippersnappers…they do kind of grow on you. It does suck, however, that he ruins all your toys. You can come visit me, my toys are in pretty good shape…except for the ones my girl friend gets hold of. WTH? I just don’t understand the whole toy-ruining generation.

    I hope your belly gets better. I hate when I have belly problems because for some reason when my belly hurts, my mom puts on rubber gloves and cuts my tail feathers off. All the while she is doing it, she is gagging and almost throwing up and my Pop is hiding somewhere and won’t come and help her when she calls him.. He just yells out, “You know I don’t do poop.” what the heck does that mean?

    Pawrents are crazy. Opie

  9.   Opie Says:

    Hi Maggie!

    I live in Fairbanks, so on alternate years the Yukon Quest race either starts on the Chena River or ends on the Chena River right downtown. The Iditarod starts about 350 miles south and doesn’t come through Fairbanks.

    Possibly the world’s greatest musher, Lance Mackey lives in Fairbanks. My girlfriend, Katie’s mom is a fur sewer and she made a pair of beaver mittens to be given to the 2008 musher that got the most congenial musher award. I can’t remember who that was. One of my mom’s coworkers ran the race in 2008 as a rookie, but he and a few other were snowed in on Eagle Summit and had to be rescued. Another coworker helps at one of the check stations for the Iditarod…. Other coworkers and their kids are involved in sprint racing…you really can’t swing a dead cat up here without hitting someone who is associated with mushing or knows someone who is.

    My mom used to live on the Chena River about 30 river miles from the start/end line and she could watch the dogs going by her house. Once my brother (he’s an angel I actually never met him), Zach, jumped off the bank and ran towards one of the teams. He sort of distracted the dogs and they didn’t obey the “go by” command. My mom was mortified and Zach had to go inside until all the teams had passed, but the other brother, Griz, was a good boy that day and could stay outside and watch with mom.

    The North American Sprint Race crosses Creamers’ Field, a state migratory waterfowl refuge where my mom’s workplace is. Everybody goes out at lunch time and watches those skinny, fast dogs go flying by.

    I know it sounds really bad, but I guess you get used to stuff that happens in the town you live in and my pawrents haven’t gone to watch the dogs take off or come in for a number of years.

    Does your mom or pop mush? Where do you live? Have your pawrents ever been to Alaska? Opie

  10.   maggie Says:

    So cool Opie!!! I know what you mean though about if it happens nearby you, you kinda just let things slide on by without noticing after a while!

    Me and my pawrents live in Portage Lake, Maine. No, we’ve never been to Alaska…but Mom has a fettish about sled dogs! Locally, there is a 100 mile race about 1/2 hr North of us and then the one she always helps at is the 250 Mile CanAm which is a qualifier for the Iditarod. That is run in Fort Kent Maine about 45 minutes North of us but the first checkpoint is in our town 🙂 For the past couple years my Mom has helped the vets-scribing for them – checking the teams in on prerace checks. Then she also helps in the kitchen feeding the mushers in Portage Lake. This year my Mom may also work the last checkpoint scribing for the vets. My Mom has an “in”…the head vet used to be my Aunti Gina’s boss for 15 years before she moved South. So that’s why Mom gets to scribe 🙂 She likes to check out all those cool dogs… I hear them howling from our house when we go out when Mom comes home late at nite after she works the checkpoint. Me, I just like sleeping in my nice warm house laying by the fire! To heck with running for miles and miles! But my sister, Haley, well, she thinks she is a sled dog in an Australian Shepherd suit!!! She’s crazy 😉 You should see her skijoring!

    Mom follows Jeff King’s blog and Lance Mackay’s website. She also read Jeff’s book in about a week, she said it was so good!


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