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Ponderings of the Opester

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I have been recalcitrant on my postings because I have no photos to post.  Armed with this realization, I have decided to post anyway.  I have been doing much thinking lately and I wonder…why am I here?  Why now?  Why not ten or a hundred years ago?  Why not ten or a hundred years in the future?  Why are any of us here now as opposed to sometime past or sometime future?

I am a dog, therefore, I do not often think in terms of past or future.  We canines live in the moment.  Why do humans worry about past transgressions or future unknowns?  We cannot change the past and arguably have little influence over future events.  Yet I watch my pawrents struggle with issues beyond their control.  Why does mom worry about whether my cancer will return?  Why does Pop express concern each time I trip or gag…was that a cough?…Did Opie just falter?… Why can’t they just recognize that NOW is what is important.  Let’s bark and wag our tails and wrestle and recognize that NOW is where we live.  Forgive yourselves yesterday, don’t think about tomorrow…nothing we do can stop what it will bring, so celebrate life, now.  Rejoice in dogs, today. ..We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  We can only be sure that it will be different than today.

So pawrents…listen to your tripawds and quadpawds.   Mimic them; they have the answer:  bark, wag, lean, lick, wear your heart on your sleeve, risk rejection, reap reward…live on the cusp of now and the moment soon to be now.  Fight the good fight.  Laugh in cancer’s face, kick cancer’s butt.  With each life lost we move closer to the cure.  We all are purposeful and have purpose; it is not necessary to know or understand or question.  What is, is.  Come on pawrents, smile and romp and hop and live…Now.

PS.  my mom spilled her wine and I licked it up.  mmmmm wine, it makes me smart!  : 0 )  Read this quick, because when I awake tomorrow, I will most likely punch one button and send the whole rant into oblivion and therefore, did it never exist?….dang, it’s hard to believe I am a retriever…don’t I sound more like a collie or a Bouvier DeFlandres?  BwwahahahahahahSnort!   Nighty night!

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11 Responses to “Ponderings of the Opester”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    That is some good advice Opie! Now if only all our pawrents could follow it! 🙂

    Tell your mom to find some pictures to post soon!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2.   Nova Says:

    Opie, you are sooooooooo smart. Thanks for reminding my Mom what’s important.

  3.   maggie Says:

    Oh Opie! Thank goodness you posted!! We’ve missed you! What a great post! As my Mom sits here fighting the tears back. She’s such a wuss! 😉

    Let’s run! Let’s play! Let’s eat! Oh yea, baby…eat !!!! High on my priority list! 😉


  4.   krun15 Says:

    You are so right!! Why can’t humans just embrace their inner DOG??

    You are a true renaissance dog- retriever, poet and philosopher.

    Hummm- wine, Maggie has always been partial to Guinness!

    Karen and the pug girls

  5.   Opie Says:

    WTH? Who posted on my blog last night? and why is my head pounding? Guinness! Yeah that is good, but I have yet to figure out how to get the ball out of the bottle….sheesh….why put a prize in your product if it is going to be impossible to get it? People are crazy.

  6.   admin Says:

    Well said Mr. O. Spoken like true zen dog master.

  7.   krun15 Says:

    Thats what your people are for- they can get the ball out of the can…


  8.   Gina Says:

    Tails up Opie! Good advice! 😉

  9.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    You give some good words of wisdom there Opie, wine or no wine (hope it was good wine at least – cuts down on the pounding head.) It’s not hard to believe that you’re a Retriever – I know Mackenzie is sitting here right now telling me to listen to your advice ( from one Retriever to another. ) I think it would be so awesome to embrace our inner dog (per Maggie) Yea, it’s a dog’s life and that sounds like a great place to be.

  10.   cometdog Says:

    WHY ARE YOU HERE??????? You have to ask? Seriously? You are here to help ME, Mighty Comet Dog get through my misery with monkeybutt!
    You have a purpose, dude…to help me plot on how to make him unlovable to my mom and dad!

    To heck with our wimpy parents. Yeah, they key in on every tiny detail of our lives. Oh, my mommy thought I had brain cancer the other week! So what if one side of my face is droopy! I ain’t looking in the mirror, so who cares. That’s the way I look now mommy, get used to it! My movie star looks have faded for a while now, anyway.

    You know what I think? My mommy has brain cancer! ‘Cuz she sure isn’t right in the head about me some days! (plus, she likes monkeybutt) Maybe if she’d stop taking me to the vet and giving me stuff that I have a reaction to, I’d be just fine. All I had was a stomach ache!

    She had me knocking on death’s door! Knock, knock…who’s there? NOT ME, Grim Reaper! My time to be put in a pretty wooden box on the shelf has NOT come. Go Away!

    Mr. Opie –Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to help me break the love chain with my pawrents and Monkeybutt.
    …As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

  11.   Peyton's Path Says:

    We will forgive you for not posting any pictures this time because your words were very powerful! You are a very wise dog drunk or sober! I hope all the tripawd pawrents read your post and actually listen to it! My pawrents were very good at living in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow after Peyton got sick! You can’t change the past and we don’t know what will happen in the future so why not enjoy life and live in the moment! It’s funny that some humans think that dogs are dumb, but I would say we are a whole lot wiser than most of them! So on that note lets go beg for some yummy treats because you never know what tomorrow will bring 🙂 !

    So, before I go I have a new challenge for us! My Mom was reading a magazine that talked about a golden retriever named Augie in Dallas. He holds the record for most tennis balls in his mouth. He can fit five tennis balls in his mouth, of course he was a golden!! So I think you and I should start practicing!

    Talk to you soon!



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