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One less week until summer and schwimming!

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Hello tripawd buddies!  Sheesh, my mom has been on the computer all day.  I finally got my chance.  She’s watching the Limpics.  I’ve been waiting to see some tripawds on the limpics, but there haven’t been any.  In fact, I really haven’t seen anyone limping, so I don’t know why they call it that.  People are crazy.

Comet!  I’m not anything like Brad Pitt! I am more the Harrison Ford, Sean Connery type.  And believe me, that bath was no spa treatment.  I do smell good though (thanks for noticing, Dillon).  Yes, Nova, my feet still smell like corn chips after a bath, except they smell like clean corn chips instead of dusty ones.

I can’t believe how warm it is here for February.  The winter’s worth of snow slid off the one side of the roof two days ago.  I hate when that happens.  It scares the living bajeezers out of me.  It is a big rumbling sound and the roof is sheet metal, so the noise is incredible.  It’s not as bad as when the earthquakes happen, though.  We haven’t had one for awhile which isn’t good, cause that usually means the next one will be that much worse.  I’ll bet Wolfie knows about earthquakes, right Wolf?

My pop flew to California really late on Friday night.  He went there to drive my Gram (Bobbie) to North Carolina.  She lived in Lytle Creek, California for many years and decided to move to Charlotte, N.C.  My uncles are moving with her.  Their names are Vinny and Toby.  Well their given names are really Vincent and Tobias….Bwawwaahahahahahah. Here’s a photo of them from last summer when they lived with us.

Uncle Vincent & Uncle Tobias

We got along pretty well last summer.  Toby and I decided we would just pretend the other one didn’t exist, but Vinny would try and be my boss when he thought no one was looking.  I’d walk past the guy and he would curl his lip so only I could see it.  They’re both pretty nice fellas, though.  Can you believe Vinny’s big ears and rather large feet?  and how about Toby’s blue tongue.  WTH’s with that?  My mom says it is blue because he is part chow.  What does dinner have to do with a blue tongue?  Unless he eats a lot of blueberries.  People are crazy.

Anyway, my pop will be home in a week after he gets Gram Bobbie settled in.  I miss pop when he is gone, but I am glad mom is here.  We have been going on long walks ,on snowy trails, in sunny weather.  My longest walking loop is 2.25 miles.  You should see my gargantuan hip and shoulder muscles.  Still, I can’t wait until summer so I can go schwimmming!  Yeah. Yeah. I know.  I shouldn’t wish my life away.  Summer is still four months away.

Comet, I haven’t heard any new plans from you concerning The Manhatten Project otherwise known as Operation Anti-Monkeybutt.  What has the scoundrel been up to?  What’s the plan?  Have you been able to get him into alot of trouble?  Looks like Holly is on board, unless you totally insulted her when you confronted her with your fear that she may be a double agent.

Well, goodnight tripawd community.  I’ll talk with you again real soon.

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15 Responses to “One less week until summer and schwimming!”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Opie, you crack me up!!!

  2.   admin Says:

    Limpics. 🙂

  3.   Peyton's Path Says:


    You have my Mom laughing out loud! She just loves you and your crazy words as she calls them. I don’t know what she is talking about, you make perfect sense to me! All I know is you make her laugh and that makes us all happy!!!

    That is a long walk you are taking! Keep up the good work, Mom usually takes me on a 2-3 mile walk in the morning and I thought that was a long walk for me, but now I better step it up if you are going 2.25 miles as a tripawd! You are so cool, an inspawration to us all!!! I hope for summer too, but we shouldn’t wish away our precious lives. Time goes by way too fast. Maybe the weather can just get warm sooner so their is lots of Opie Schwimmming! Peyton was always a good schwimmmer. He was really teaching me last summer, maybe I could come visit you and you could help me 🙂 !

    Glad things are going well Opie! Have a great week!

    XOXO (those are from Mom)

  4.   cometdog Says:

    Hey Op, I’m here finally!

    I know what you mean, my mommy won’t get off the ‘puter for me have a meeting with my fellow AMBF recruits! She says she’s working but I think she’s hanging out on Facebook or some other place!

    I so glad your muscles are getting gigantic! Not just because I swoon over big muscles but because they make you strong! I got some serious thigh muscles myself! I look like I’m a pro speed skater! (I know it’s not that attractive on little girls but I can’t help it)

    Geeze- 2.25 Miles! Even in my prime, I couldn’t do that! What do they put in the water in Alaska? That is bordering on Super Dog stamina!

    Son of B – my mommy is pestering me to get off the computer! Frickity Frack, I gotta go.

  5.   maggie Says:

    Hey Opie!

    Dude! You got me all beat to hell! 2.25 miles of walking?!?! WOW – can you give me some of YOUR Power Pills? 😉

    Me, I hate schwimming…I just wade a bit 😉


  6.   jack crowder Says:

    Made us all laugh out loud!! Limpics!
    To quote Larry the cable guy, “I don’t care where your from, that’s funny!”

    Shelby, the P.P.

  7.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hi Opie,
    Wow – that’s amazing that you can walk that far! We’re really impressed! Now we’ll just have to see how many laps you can do in the pool. Mackenzie loves schwimming too – so we’ll have to have a limpics contest with all the tripawd schwimmers when summer comes. You’re Alaskan talk is starting to rub off – yikes!

  8.   cometdog Says:

    Pssst -Opie

    Killbarney is trying to blow my cover on the forums where my mommy reads!

    So if anyone asks, Anti-MonkeyButt Force AMBF is our new band name we are starting. Operation MonkeyButt is the name of the first album.

  9.   Opie Says:

    Pssst. Comet,

    I know. That was a close one. AMBF. See my post on Holly’s blog for the rest. Basically, I want to be the drummer.

  10.   anyemery Says:

    Hey, Opie!
    My mom has been hogging the computer for way too long! I’m with you – we need more info for AMBF. Comet – what’sup with MB?
    I went outside Friday night to listen for your barking. Were you using some sort of code? I swear I heard you but couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. Except I knew it was you when I heard “over and out… rufuos opie”. And Comet thought you were pulling my one of my tri-legs! Silly Comet!

    I also have to let you know – you can schwim for me. I hate schwimming! I sometimes visit my golden friend Star at her lake and she schwims all day long. I run along the dock to help show her where her tennis ball is, but only go in when I lose my head and forget to stop at the end of the dock. Then my mom or Star’s mom has to fish me out of the lake. That’s pretty humiliating. Good think I forget quickly!

  11.   cometdog Says:

    OH NO! Poor Holly. You are hearing things. I’m telling you, Opus IS pulling you little tri-leg! There was no night barking! I know because, I’m Clever Comic Comet (my standup comedy stage name)

    Monkeybutthead got a bath yesterday and you know what? He’s still ugly! Did I ever tell you he has a “N” tatoo on his belly? Wanna guess what it stands for?

    CCC – OUT

  12.   anyemery Says:

    C’mon, Comet – admit it – you slept through Opie’s midnight barking! Opie would never pull my tri-leg!

    I give up – what’s the N stand for?

  13.   Opie Says:

    I’ll bet you did hear me Holly. I barked really hard and loud until my neck hurt. Comet probably didn’t hear me because she didn’t want to stay up and listen. I was barking in Yupik, that’s probably why you couldn’t understand me. I’ll try and remember to bark English tonight. Listen close and see if you can tell what I say to you.

  14.   cometdog Says:

    DON’T DO IT HOLLY! Please don’t make us blonde girls look worse. We already get a bad rap!

    It would be 10pm for me on the PST. And honestly, I’m pretty tuckered out at that time. I’ll send, “you-know-who” out. He never sleeps! He’s also robo-monkeybutt!

    Holly – Take a look at the tattoo. I’m sure it can’t be good whatever it stands for!

    CCC – O-U-T

  15.   Sophie's mom (Tana) Says:

    Opie – you look so much like Sophie’s ‘brother’ Keaton – and you sound just like him ! We are laughing out loud here, too. BTW, I have hair the same color as Sophie (and Keaton) – and people ALWAYS say … “Hey – your hair is the same color as your dogs!” …. duh … one time I told a lady that I take the dogs to the groomers every month to get them dyed. She looked at me like I was nuts and walked away. 🙂 So I TOTALLY relate …

    I love the video of the bear – that is priceless ! It could be Big Foot walking upright like that ! How far away were you? Opie – do you bark at the bears? I love your expression with the floppy fish… our dog Keaton waded into a lake one time and a school of minnows swam through his legs. He was petrified and exited the lake as fast as his legs could carry him – without making a splash of course. Too funny.

    Tana and Sophie

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