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Time is flying by

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I cannot believe how time is flying by.  I check tripawds almost every evening and make a few comments and before I know it, it is time to go to bed.  My mom and I have been going on a walk at lunchtime every day, and Pop has been walking me every morning before he goes to work.  I can’t believe how strong I am.

I am having just one cosmetic problem….Uhm, have any of you tripawds ever not grown your hair back?  I mean, most of my hair is growing back, but there is one circular spot right behind where my shoulder used to be, that is still bald!  My mom thinks that my hair is not growing back there because I have a lipoma right underneath and my skin is cool to the touch because of that little fat ball.  She thinks that I am not getting good blood flow to my skin because of that lump and so my hair will not grow.  I’m just wondering if anyone else has a bald spot.

I have a new nickname!  Chalupa!  Mom picked up some fast dinner to bring home to my pop and I may have snarfed one of them up, when she wasn’t looking.  Wellllllllllllll, I can only be “Best Boy Ever” for reasonable periods of time in reasonable situations.  A bag of fast food under my nose in the back seat of the car? well, just call me Chalupa.

This weekend was a little boring.  Mom and Pop went to Ice Art last night.  I had to stay home.  Hurrummpfff.  NO DOGS ALLOWED.  WTH?  They don’t want yellow snow spots taking away from the ambiance of their fancy schmansy ice carvings.  Sheeesh!…No Dogs.  When is this world going to progress beyond this species discrimination?

Anyway, have a good week, tripawds.  I’ll leave you with some photos from the World Ice Art Championships.  My mom said that while she was taking pictures, she thought of Peyton/Dillon/Rhys’ mom and Nova’s mom because they are such pawsome photographers; she wished that they could take the photos.

World Ice Art Championships 2010

Shark after a seal

Hornet & Mom

Grizzly wants salmon

Saber tooth cat after pterodactyl

Lion Fish


Mom in cabin


Angel fish & Pop

The cell

Scorpion stinging spider

Blue ring octopus

Abstract womb

Lion on Water Buffalo

Snake & Croc

Pop & Jelly FishIce slides in the kid park

Pop in big Carhartt


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21 Responses to “Time is flying by”

  1.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hey Chalupa- you really missed out on something good – those art sculptures are very cool! I also bet that those yellow spots you mentioned could melt the ice art perhaps? That probably wouldn’t look too good either.
    Regarding your cosmetic problem, Mackenzie’s hair hasn’t grown back quite yet either. They shaved an area on her back for the pain patch after her surgery and it still looks pretty shaven. So she looks like a patchwork quilt in some areas on her body. The doctors told us that the chemo would slow down the growth of hair so I figured that’s why she was still looking a little “patchy”.
    And tell your Mom that she did a pawesome job on the photos! It’s cool to see what you all do up there in Alaska!

  2.   janeothejungle Says:

    Nice one, Chalupa!! I wish my moms brought home some fast foods! WTH? No Dogs Allowed?? How can it be ‘art’ if there aren’t any dogs involved?? Sheesh.

    Luvs, Rosie

  3.   maximutt Says:

    Opie, you are one hilarious guy!! Tell your Mom not to worry too much about your fur. It took Max several months for his hair to fully grow back. He had one spot that we thought it would never grow back, but it did! Your will too

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Hey, Opie!

    I have a spot that isn’t really growing back either. It’s not completely bald, but it’s pretty sparse and not growing as fast as the rest of my hair. Do you think some Rogaine would work? Bahahahahahaha!

    Those ice sculptures are pawsome! But I think they’d look just as good with a little color added… and yellow goes so well with snow, dontcha think?

    Have a good week, Chalupa!!
    your buddy,
    Holly Jolly

  5.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Opie, you just tell your Mom that my Mom would be happy to come up to Alaska to be our personal photographer ANYTIME. Mom and Dad are looking for ANY excuse to come back to your PAWESOME state. No dogs ALLOWED? Come on! Moose can poop all over your beautiful state, and they are worried about a couple dogs lifting a leg on an ice sculpture? Puhlease.

    The snow is starting to melt here and we are headed for mud season. Mom is not too thrilled.

    Opie, don’t worry about the bald patch. My hair didn’t grow back until after chemo, but with my short hair it was easy. Looking at your grinchy feet it is going to take some time for all that long golden hair to grow back. Don’t sweat it!


  6.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Lovely pictures! Too bad you couldn’t go along, Opie. Who cares about yellow snow anyways? Humans can be awfully snotty sometimes.

    Catie’s hair is starting to grow back. She has a little dangly lumpy thing too where her shoulder was. No hair growing there either. Is that what it’s called – a lipoma?

    We enjoy your posts, Opie!

    Oops …. Chalupa, I should say. 🙂

  7.   jerry Says:

    Woooooowww! Those ice sculptures are GREAT! We’ve never seen anything like that. OMD it looks freekin’ cold there!

    Dude, we talked about the furry thing a long time ago. Check it out.

    It’ll grow back. Mine took forever, but Wyatt Ray’s grew back so fast. Some dogs are just like that. We think you look good, hairless or not!

  8.   Tazzie Says:

    I see all the other bald dogs already spoke up.

    First those ice sculptures are gorgeous. We have beautiful snow sculptures at Festival du Voyeageur in Winnipeg (honouring the Metis Voyageurs from hundreds of years ago for those south of the border that might not know the history of Canada). But yours are true ice – very different than ours. We don’t call our “World Snow Sculpture Championships”. I suppose we could, but that probably would not be very Canadian, would it?

    Okay, as for bald spots, I’m the one to speak to. My hair was growing back just fine until that stupid Doxyrubin chemo. Then all the areas that were growing hair fell out. The full length of my tummy from the torsion surgery in June. The full scapula length from the amputation in July. Then the tail hair dropped out (no surgery there), so bushy-tailed me became rat tail.

    But, even after I stopped chemo for a few months and everything else started to grow back, there was ONE spot just where you mention. I don’t know why that one spot, about 2 x 2 inches or so, stayed buff naked but it did. Let me know if you figure it out. There were no stitches or anything on that particular spot.

  9.   cometdog Says:

    Hey Opus,
    Forget what Jerry said! Bald spots are NOT good lookin’. If you can’t do a “comb-over” then I think you need to get the scissors out and clip some hair from your tail and super glue it over the bald spots. Trust me, it’ll work and no one will notice! If I was there, I’d do it for you.

    You know if we had both our arms, we too could do those ice sculptures! We are so clever that we would be like Edward Scissor hands! But that is what life dealt us – A BAD HAND! (Har har har – get it?!!)

    CCC – O-U-T

  10.   Peyton's Path Says:


    Cool name for a cool reason and a cool dog! I would have done the same thing, but then blamed it on Rhys! Tell your folks that Rhys did it, I bet they would believe you! And how could they be mad at him because he is soooo cute!

    I think a bald spot gives you character! Ask your Mom to take a picture and post it!

    Those were totally cool pictures! They would have been even better with a Chalupa in them! Crazy people when are they going to get past species discrimination. I think they are just scared because they know we a far more superior them they are!

    Well Opie my friend I hope you have a great week and keep going on your pawesome walks and getting stronger by the day!

    Talk to you soon! Thanks for the advice with my little rugrat!

    Dillon and Rhys

  11.   Tracy, Maggie's Mom Says:

    WoW! Those are cool pics, Chalupa!!! 😉 All my hair came back in (thankfully!)….hmmmm… Mom read somwhere about the mushroom supplements helping hair growth…and I’m on ’em…maybe try that if you’re not on any?


  12.   jack crowder Says:

    Saw a buddy of mine at the motorcycle dealer and told him he was really getting grey, he said, no way man, that’s platinum!!!!

  13.   Tana Says:

    Hey Opie – looking good Chalupa ! Tell your mom she should know better than to leave a Goldie in charge of a bag of tasty take-out food – really – did she tell you that it wasn’t for you? Sophie would have eaten it – bag and all ! Even the little containers of hot sauce – including the lids ! and depending on how much time she had before I noticed the carnage – probably even sour cream and salsa would be history as well.
    😉 Nothing left but the residual gases !!

    Great pictures ! Very cool ice sculptures.

    Sorry I can’t comment on the hair situation – or, rather, the lack of hair situation. Sophie is 1/4 bald as a baby’s behind. Given that she will likely be starting chemo shortly, I doubt that her hair will grow back any time soon. Sounds like your mom has a good theory going. Lack of blood flow – cool spot under the skin – not conducive to growing hair. Maybe you could try one of those infrared lights – or a heat lamp !

    Sophie’s mom Tana

  14.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Hey Opie~

    Just surfing the net while Mom is chasing the new rugrat! Man you should get yourself one of these. He totally makes me look like a perfect dog! I can’t do anything wrong in Mom’s eyes when he is around 🙂 !

    Just thought I would check in and say hi! Hope you are doing good! Are you getting ready to drink some green beer on St Patrick’s Day? I bet you and your Mom look good in green with your hair color!

    Oh yeah, we might have a little competition with the ball in mouth record. I think Rhys is going to be really good once his mouth is a little bigger. He is already practicing!

    Talk to you later!


  15.   Opie Says:

    Bwaaahahahahahahah! OMD, Dillon. You have got it figured out. That little guy sure looks like a pawfull. I have to admit, Rhys is sooo cute…don’t tell my mom I said that, cause for the past 8 years I have been successful in convincing my pawrents that our house is a ONE dog house. My mom wants another one, but I get cranky and say “No way!” and my pop agrees. Anyway, we didn’t drink any green beer, but my mom got into the green wine bottle. She gets all happy and jokey and then I sneak some and get the same way. Anyway, I can’t get my forums’ inbox or PMs to work. I need to have a private barking with you, but that seems to be not working. I will get in touch when it is back on line. In the meantime, give the fuzzy guy a lick for me, but not when your pawrents are looking.

  16.   majorbubbatank Says:

    Major’s coat isn’t even THINKING of growing back and he’s seven weeks post-op. Glad to hear it’s not just him. Bald is beautiful, right? Besides, it gets him that much more attention from strangers and gives me a chance to sorta spread awareness about canine cancer and Tripawd awareness/acceptance. “It’s long enough that he’s forgotten the leg is gone but new enough that he’s still getting used to his new body.”

    Rachel (Major’s mom)

  17.   diesal Says:

    Hey Chalupa!

    You look very smart in your ice jacket. Diesal likes to eat ice for some reason. With great ‘satisfaction’ on his face. He is a funny boy.

    It sounds like you are doing really well. Good work with nibbling the yummy food. Diesal would of joined you if he could! He started his first day at ‘weight watchers’ yesterday. We are trying to get skinny for summer :).

    Take care chalupa

    karen and Diesal

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