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Barney’s Visit

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I can’t believe that three weeks have gone by since my last post, but we had company and my pop was getting ready to go on a trip.  He said I was spending too much time on the computer, so I had to lay off for awhile.  For an outdoorsy kind of guy sometimes my pop is high maintenance.  At least that’s what mom says.  I’m not sure what that means, but I think she is confusing him with our truck, cause that IS high maintenance.  Anyway, the visitor was Barney.  I think I will just tell the story of his visit in pictures.  I showed him around town and took him fishing and stuff.

What's this?


Barney smells pawesome! Nova? Maggies?

Hmmmmmm No DaGrinchy Toes? and no corn chip smell?

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz Jet Lag

Come on Barn. Lets play!

Two Gigantic Empty Craniums

Malibu Barbie...I mean, Caribou Barney

Bwahahahahahhaah. Handle your "garbage" responsibly.

Me and Barn at the Trans Alaska Pipeline. I wanted to leave him there for the wolves, but mom said, "No."

You should have seen him climbing up there. He got stuck and my mom had to rescue him. Sheesh!

I took this one of Barney at Creamer's Field with the barn in the background. My mom works here. I help her sometimes.

Barney gets some fishing tips from Barney!

Barney practices his new found fishing skills with Andy Angler.

Barney in my mom's office. Can you find Rhys & Dillon? Jerry is there too, but the sun is reflecting off his photo.

What is Barney looking at?

Silver Salmon Alevin! That's what was in the bucket...tweeny little couch potato fish babies.

Me trying to put Barney in the ice fishing hole.

He kept hanging on to the edge! He wouldn't sink!

Barney tried his paw at ice fishing. I encouraged him to try it. Then I told my mom that he was fishing and he didn't have a fishing license...She gave him a citation! Bwaaaahahahahahahahah! Stupid Barney.

My friends Snarffles and Frankie playing with Barney. Frankie and Snarffles are models. Their picture is in the Fairbanks Dog Park 2010 calendar.

Me and Barney on our last day together. Bye Bye, Barney. On to your next adventure! Don't come back. Bwaaahahahahahahahah

Oooops!  It’s bedtime, tripawds! Gotta Go.

PS. Comet, I think that was a good idea about the purple sweater and monkey butt.  Can you knit?  Probably not because you do not have thumbs, but maybe you could trick your mom into making it.  Anyway, AAaaggggghhhhh, my mom is so lame, she keeps hollering for me to get off the computer and go to bed.  Sheesh. Pawrents.

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41 Responses to “Barney’s Visit”

  1.   Sophie's mom (Tana) Says:

    Looks like Barney had quite an adventure in Fairbanks, Opie. Thanks for posting it in pictures. Who knew that Purple Dinosaurs could float?? Good try – sticking him in the fishing hole ! You sure are a good tour guide.

    Tana and Sophie

  2.   maggie Says:

    Good visit for Barney with ya’ Opie! LOVE the ice fishing picture!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3.   admin Says:

    Wow, Barney is sure startin’ to get around now! What a wonderful visit he had way up North. And how sweet to see Jerry’s picture on mum’s office wall. Great photos! 🙂

  4.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    Way to go Barnie -surviving Opie and his friends, the fishing hole and Alaska too! Looks like Opie you actually enjoyed yourself hangin’ with Barney even if he didn’t have a fishing license. I bet you’ll miss him lots!

  5.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Opie, say it ain’t so, do you love Barney? Not even a little hole in him? You have been all talk this entire time about being mean to Barney and you were nothing but nice to him! Oh well, we are proud of you for being a good host. You probably thought if you hurt Barney it would be like hurting the other Tripawds that had him before you or your Mom made you behave??? What was that song you sang about Nova and Barney? Should we change Nova to say Opie? Just kidding dude you know your my BFF! Obviously you agree since you have a printed picture of me hanging at your Mom’s office (and don’t say your Mom put it up there)!

    Looks like a totally pawsome adventure with Barney! Your pictures are amazing and fun! I hope you rubbed your frito feet all over Barney for the next Tripawd to enjoy 🙂 ! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us Opie! We have missed hearing from you!

    Stay cool Opie and tell your Mom if she ever wants to trade Rhys for you I am totally up for it! It could just be for a visit! She could enjoy his puppy breath and puppy teeth (they feel great when he bites you)!

    Have a great week Opie!

    XOXO and hi-paws
    Dillon and Rhys

  6.   ThreeLeggedMax Says:

    Boy, I bet Barney is getting to be a stinky boy!

  7.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Great pictures! Opie, you’re a darling.

  8.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Hey Opie, why doesnt’ your Mom have a picture of MEEEEEE in her office? My mom has been to some of the places in your pictures… Fairbanks… North pole…the pipeline. Looks like you were not too hard on Barney. Admit it, Buddy, it’s because he smelled like MEEEEEEEEE.

  9.   cometdog Says:

    Thanks Nova – you stole my thunder. I was going to address the elephant not in the room. ME! Where’s my damn picture!

    Seriously, you chose a “Creating a Fisheries Mosaic” over my mug??! That reminds me, I need to get back to working on mine. Just a few more touches and it will be finished! Awww Fisheriers Mosaics – what fun!

    Back to the important issue at hand…is that monkeybutt I see with Barney in his mouth???????????? OMD, I almost jumped out of my fur thinking he had run away from home and went to Alaska! BUT NO, he’s still here. Drats.

    I still say you are a wussy dog, Opie…the best you could come up with is a fishing citation for Barney? It even looks like you are lending him a paw to help him out of the fishing hole! Wussboy.

    Manup and shake off this whole Barney fiasco – let’s get back to business. A sax does suit better. I vote for the sax. Dillion might be better on the drums anyway – for obvious reasons.

    I gotta run, I mean hop – it’s nap time.

    Chilly Comet (snow pics get to me)

    P.S. I can knit! Mommy can’t. I have my own built in knitting needle with my gimpy leg! I came in 2nd Place at a knitting contest for dogs in 2003! I could have taken 1st but this other pooch…’s a long story – never mind.

  10.   Opie Says:

    Comet! I am not wussy dog. Wait until you meet Barney…he has…he has…he has powers…I am not kidding, be careful tough girl Comet. I am serious. He is …. cosmic. Anyway, that’s not important. No, Snarffles is NOT monkeybutt.
    Focus. Knit that freaking sweater, be sure to make it big enough and when Barney comes to you, make a quick turn around. I’m talkin’ a few quick photos and Barney gets buried under the porch and monkeybutt in the purple sweater gets stuffed in the box and off to Canada. And, oh yeah, thanks, saxophone is definitely me….New York, New York….Old Blue Eyes.

  11.   Opie Says:

    PS. Maggie, forgive my Mom’s airheadedness. Thanks for sending Barney to AK. And oh yeah, the trachea, was as good as Nova ever described…MMMmmmmmnum num num nums. Opie

  12.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Hey Opie~
    My Mom was very happy to get to talk to your Mom! If she needs anything else she knows how to find us! So while they were talking I was barking, and my silly Mom thought I was just saying hello to you and your Mom. Crazy Mom didn’t realize I was telling her that I needed to talk to you! I thought we could catch up over the phone since we have only met over the computer. Sheesh! What was she thinking 🙂 ! Dogs can’t have phone conversations? Well I hope your Opie sitter is really nice to you! If you need anything while your pawrents are gone you can sneak the phone away and call me! Make sure she spoils you and tell her you get like 50 treats a day (she won’t know any better)!

    Tell your Mom to have a wonderful trip and not to stress out too much!

    Take care Opie! Lots of hugs, kisses and hi-paws from Rhys and I!


  13.   anyemery Says:

    Wow, Opie! It looks like Barney had a great visit with you! I loved the picture of your grinchy feet and Barney’s feet. Did his feet smell like fritos? ha ha ha
    I know your mom would have a picture of me at her desk, but you probably stole it to put it where you could see it, right? bwahahahahaha! I think you’re totally onto something with putting MB in a purple sweater… AMBF can then concentrate on our next album, with you on saxophone. Good answer!
    lots of hugs,
    Holly Jolly

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