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Camp Jessica

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Hi everybody,

I haven’t posted for awhile because I have been having a good time with my friend, Jess.  She is a really nice, pretty gal (she has naturally red hair-same color as mine!) who my mom and pop ask to live with me when they go away.

Mom forgot to tell Jess that I was allowed to spend some time on the computer each night, so it didn’t occur to her to turn it on for me.  I wrote some notes to my pawrents longpaw, though.  No easy feat, since I used to be left pawed.  So I am going to copy them below:

April 5
Yo! This is your Son O.P.,
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I miss you.  I hope you two are having a blast with Grandma.  While you all are laying in the sun, I’m here back home enjoying the last bit of snow.  My babysitter has taken me on 3 joy rides already!  She has all the windows down so the breeze lifts up my ear hairs; I think it is the best!  The sky was always blue, the sun was always out and it was always the perfect temperature though I think it was cold for her cuz she was buttoned up to the mittens.  Even though she is much older than me, I think I have a crush on my babysitter.  You think she would mind a dog with only 3 legs?

This morning before going to mom’s work she took me down the street to where you usually walk me, Pop… there were a couple of smells that were interesting, I marked only one.  The babysitter tells me we are going to Chena Pump Landing after work; just imagine what I will find there!   Well I should go….. things to smell, people to pet me.  I took a self portrait yesterday; I will send that to you later. Love your son, O.P.

April 6
Hi Mom & Dad,  Here are the pictures I promised you.  One picture the babysitter took of me laying in the snow at what I would assume was her home;  It was one of the stops on our joy ride Saturday.

I See You!

Soon the snow will be gone

I am kinda bummed I was unable to go with you but I am enjoying myself back home.  The babysitter lets me do anything I want and doesn’t make me do anything I dont wanna do, like homework.

I missed you Mom at my short walk during lunch yesterday but I was much better at the river.  The babysitter says that we can walk by the river everyday after work if I want to ‘-P…..well back to my nap.    Much Love, Your Son O.P.
April 8
Hi Mom & Pop,
Yesterday evening after our walk the babysitter said she was going to church for a bit and did I want to come; did I want to go for a ride!?  Of course I did!  So she let me go with her.  Instead of taking her ride she took mine.  I got some lovin from some familiar smelling people….the tallest lady smelled the best.

This morning we came to the babysitters work early and we went for a short walk.  The wind was whipping and the snow was slowly falling.  In the parking lot there is the mountain of snow and I walked right to the top; I could see hundreds of feet from all around!  I wish she could have had her camera at this point because I could just imagine how it looked… how hansome I was sticking my nose in the air and wind running through my hair, I really should be a model.
Around lunch time we went to the park and hung outside for a little bit with the ball, the wind was still nice and cold.
Right now I am sitting in my ride enjoying the cool temperatures and a snack stick.  After the babysitter gets off work she says we are going to head to the Chena Pump park!  Yeah baby! I hope you guys are having as many adventures as I am!  Miss & Love you, your son O.P.

PS.  When Jess wasn’t looking, I used her camera to take some photos of me, so you don’t forget what I look like…Sheesh.  Are you ever coming home?  Not that I am complaining, cause Camp Jessica is really fun.

Handsome Me

I love my nose

CHEESE! No really, got any cheese?

Well tripawds.  Gotta help mom unpack some suitcases.  They better have brought me something.

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9 Responses to “Camp Jessica”

  1.   admin Says:

    What fun you had! I take it separation anxiety is not an issue? Maybe you could give Wyatt a talkin’ to…

  2.   anyemery Says:

    Wow, Opie – Camp Jessica sounds awesome! And I love cheese! In my house they keep it in the big, cold cheese box in the kitchen. Maybe someday you can show me how to take self portraits. My mom doesn’t take enough pictures of me – I’m not sure there could ever be enough pictures of me! I’m glad you had a fun time!
    Holly Jolly

  3.   maggie Says:

    There’s my bud, Opie! Gosh, I missed you!!!! Thank goodness Jessica let you use the computer! Great self portraits in your ‘ride’!

    I’d send ya’ some cheese but I am afraid it might be all moldy by the time it got from Maine to Alaska!!! 😉

    aka Best tripawd cowdog/Karilean bear dog in the universe – according to my great friend O.P.!!!

  4.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Lol, Opie.

    And it’s a nose worth loving, I have to say.

  5.   cometdog Says:

    Phew! I’m so glad you are back in business and on the computer! You went MIA on us! Give us a head’s up next time! I almost had scout friends out looking for you! (Don’t start with me, I got friends.)

    Camp Jessica sounded like a blast but you missed so much!

    1. We found out that Catie’s mom is a drunk! (Yep. You guessed right.)
    2. Dillion and Rhyse killed Barney……with kindness! (It was gross)
    3. Holly still thinks the wind blows 81 MPH in Canada and no one is telling her any different! (the metric system confuses her, just like many things)
    4. Wyatt Ray has joined the rodeo in Texas! (As a 3 legged bucking bronco! YeeHAW!)
    5. Sophie isn’t black anymore! (she’s orange like you!)
    6. Tazzie “hates to rub it in”! (and she’ll tell you 14 times in a post right before she rubs it in!)

    Okay, there’s a bunch more but my TV programs are coming on and I gotta go watch them. I have a little crush on Seacrest.


  6.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Dude Opie Camp Jessica sounds so cool! I bet you missed your Mom and Dad, but it sounds like every one had a great time! That’s good you let them go on a vacation! Hope they didn’t worry about you the whole time!

    I think we have found your calling in life- handsome golden retriever model! You take some pawsome pictures! Keep it up!

    Sorry we failed the Kill Barney mission! I really had hopes that Rhys would kill him, he kills all the other toys! What is it about Barney?

    I need to go find a snack, Mom and Dad just got back from the grocery store! There’s got to be something for me!

    Dillon and Rhys

  7.   Sophie's mom (Tana) Says:

    Great pics, Opie – you’re very good at taking self-portraits ! Candid shots are always the best. Sounds like you had a fun adventure with your dog-sitter.

    Nice to see that Comet has “out-ed” all of us …. geez, is NOTHING private ?! 🙂

    Glad to see you’re back on-line O.P. We missed you ! And yes, you most definitely could be a model ! One handsome dog !

    Sophie and Tana

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