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My Tribute…Finally

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Before I went to the Rainbow Bridge, I told my Mom that I would like my tribute to be mostly pictorial.  So I told her what photos of me that I liked and she agreed she would post them…but, sheesh…how many months will it take?  Knowing my Mom, it will take awhile for her to get over all the crying and procrastinating…an whaddya know?  I’ve been schwimming in the big sky pond for quite sometime and she is just now getting around to it.

Yup.  Mom and Pop have a new pup.  Her name is Mattie.  I’m okay with that because I know they need somebody to hold on to until they come to live with me.  After all, the knew kid doesn’t have a chance to live up to my legendary existence, right?  BWwwwwahahahahahahahahah!  Comet, I’ll bet she is a monkeybutt, just like your little brother…Poor Mom and Pop.

Anyway, here are some good and not so good photos of me, OPIE!  The one and only!  I crack me up.  Really tripawd pawrents, don’t worry, we are all waiting for you…take your time, because we are in no hurry to move away from the schwimming pond and the tennis ball field and the CATapult….that thing is the best!

Though this tribute is to me, I want to thank all you tripawds and tripawd pawrents for all the support, fun and laughs…At the risk of leaving someone out, I grew especially close to Peyton, Dillon, Comet, Holly, Maggie, Nova, Jake…and I am sure there are others, but I am a dog and my memory of past events is understandably poor, so the list is probably incomplete, but tripawd pawrents, please know I love you all still and wait for the day that I will meet you and your earthly tripawds in person.  Enjoy the show:

Me and my Pop

Me and my beaver pal

I think I was mad

I spent a lot of time napping in my life:

I had to babysit this kid one time...what a pawful.

I loved the water…still do here in heaven.  I go schwimming every day, just like I used to every summer….

Hey Mom! That's not me!....This was some weird kid I met in Valdez a few summers ago. He was kinda cranky, but I have to admit, that boy could schwim!

Me and my Uncle Bill

I had a lot of adventures in my day:

Me and Mom in Denali

Pop was always good for exciting trips in the backcountry

I did not like this guy at all...kinda creepy...what was mom thinking making me sit next to him? Geez...Stranger Danger much?

I even had my own suit to attend weddings

Eat your heart out Rin Tin Tin!

Even though I made a lot of friends on tripawds, the only dog I really wanted to spend face time with was my girl Katie the beagle.

Me...Katie's mom...& Katie

Seriously? People are crazy.

Camping Klutina

Me and Rainbow Mountain

Me and my chucker and my tennis balls

YAY Christmas! I loved to open my's presents too, oh yeah and Pop's. Yike's Mom. red eye? Don't you have Photoshop?

Prince William Sound

This one won a little spot in the Fairbanks Dog Park Calendar 2011. Wow!

I spent a bunch of time in boats of all sorts.

I have no idea why this stoopid hat keeps appearing in the photos.

We had outboard troubles sometimes...note the cowling, uhm not where it is supposed to be.

Net the fish Pop, not me, not funny, it never got any funnier either....

I don't think this pfd is NOAA approved for salty dogs.

Not again.

Nice snappy nappy spot

There are so many more cool photos of me doin’ stuff, but I guess you get the idea, huh?  I guess, I’ll just leave all you tripawd pawrents with just this:  Live in the now.  Take a cue from your dogs no matter how many paws they have.  Life is fun.  Live every day like there is no tomorrow.  Don’t plan so much.  Sometimes go down a road you have never been before.  Stop and smell something you never smelled before….although I do not recommend salmon carcass.  And it does not matter if you cannot run fast…just run and hop and know that I’ll be waiting for you…..

OPIE–The Best Dog, Ever….BWaaaahahahahahahahah!  Take that Comet, girl.

See you at the bridge.

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34 Responses to “My Tribute…Finally”

  1.   Chloe's mom Says:

    Awwww I loved your tribute to Opie!!! Some of my favorite photos were the ones of him napping wit his head on random items. Your captions were great too!!!

    As ironic as it is, if Chloe hadn’t gotten cancer, I probably wouldn’t have fought as hard as I did to have her come live with me during grad school. Like you said, “Live in the now. Live every day like there is no tomorow”. Chloe and I go to the beach nearly every day and we recently went on a road trip to Carmel to do just that, “Live in the now”.

    Thank you for sharing Opie’s life. He was a beautiful golden and I am sure his spirit is always close to you.

    -Chloe’s mom

  2.   cometdog Says:

    Oh Opie, your spirit lives forever in my heart!

    And until I can see you at the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll let you keep the title of “The Best Dog Ever!” I’ll paw wrestle you for the title when I get there!

    I loved all the pics of you Op – they don’t get any better! (thanks for posting the infamous, “Dad is hungover and passed out!” one)

    I’m holding down the fort here but I’m getting a little nervous about all of the monkeydogs and their monkey business! Send me down some good vibes! I need some Opie mojo!

    Thanks for popping in to give us your final farewell. I needed to know you are still funny and snarky in doggie heaven! (I wouldn’t want to get there and be all disappointed and have to hang out with someone else! – I have lots of friends, you know.)

    Save me a fresh clean tennis ball when I get there. No slobber balls for me! Okay? Okay.

    Cool Cat Comet – ’til we meet again, my friend.

  3.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Oh Opie, these pictures are pawesome. I especially love the one with you and your Mom near the end of the slidewhow. Hey, that beaver stuffy looks kinda like your new dog sister! At least to me she does. Sounds like the new pup is a handful for your pawrents. Bwahahahahaha! You keep reminding them who was the perfect one, K?

    Keep on schwimming, and I’ll see you when I get there someday and we can nap together. Love ya, Grinchy Frito Feet!

    Queen Nova

  4.   Ginger Says:

    Opie, so glad to see your tribute, and to hear that you are still schwimming beyond the rainbow bridge. These pics are pawesome. You did more in your short time on this planet than most people do. I think it just shows how much your pawrents love you. You did look a little annoyed by Santa, though. Stranger danger indeed!!!

    We are sending you golden hugs and sloppy kisses in the great big swimming pool up there,
    Ginger and her pack

  5.   etgayle Says:

    opie, looks like you lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth…geesh, you set the bar very high for the rest of us… thanks for the wonderful pictures, especially the nap pictures (i’m a professional napper myself). we’ll keep enjoying the moments!!

    gayle & charon

  6.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Opie- we’re so happy to see your tribute and all these great photos. You sure were one good lookin’ Alaskan golden dude (Mackenzie still carries a torch for you – wait til she sees these pics :)) We’re thinking of you and will be doing lots schwimmming in your honor.

    Kami , Mackenzie & Kobe

  7.   krun15 Says:

    So good to hear from you Opie- you were so tolerant of your silly parents!
    And you sure could nap! A little bit of pug in you I think.

    Say hey to Spirit Maggie (but don’t wake her if napping!)

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  8.   admin Says:

    Beautiful. Shimply beautiful.

    Monkeyface has some mighty big pawprints to fill. 😉

  9.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Oh Opie. Your mom did you proud. Love the stoopid yellow hat.

    You had a magnificent life here on earth. We miss you but we’re happy to know you’re being well looked after across the bridge and that your spirit will never leave us.


  10.   maggie Says:

    Oh, Opie, you got me crying dude!!! LOVE YA!!! You are just the BEST! Maggie and I miss you dearly…this was a nice “Opie fix”!

    I have the Yukon Quest sticker and patch on my book shelf and see it everyday as a reminder of you and your Mom 🙂

    Keep on schwimmin’ and taking those naps til your Mom and Pop join you!!


    Tracy & Maggie

  11.   Pat (Ruthie's Mom) Says:

    God I hope my Ruthie meets up with you!

    Pat, Angel Ruthie & Tess

  12.   anyemery Says:

    Hey, Opie! Those were some great pictures of you! No wonder all we girls had such big crushes on you!!! I still go outside at night and listen for you to tell me the secrets of life. Even though Comet says I’m gullible – I know you’re still barking to me! Hey, and this summer my little sister even taught me to schwim! I know you were at the Rainbow bridge cheering me on. And although I don’t have quite the webbed feet you goldens do, Zuzu was able to convince me to give it a try.

    We are awfully honored to be your tripawd friends furever! We’ll see you someday… Hey, and maybe now that you’re at the Rainbow bridge you can tell me what it is our pawrents do with all that poop? I’m dying to find out! I’ll be out tonight at 10pm CST listening…
    Holly Jolly By Golly

  13.   Cherry Says:

    Totally enjoyed the photo tribute. Dad says that it just goes to prove just how full a life we can have. I am not sure if we should tell them the kind of things that we whisper into Matte’s ears. Afterall, just because we become spirits does not mean that we loose our sence of mischief. That is probably why Dad says – “Not Yet!”. Your pawrents were braver!

  14.   Pam Says:

    Opie…you beautiful boy. I’m mom to an Opie too….he’s at the Rainbow Bridge with you and just like you, a big red boy. Tomorrow is 4 years since he got his angel wings….thank you, for in a round about way, getting a *Hi Mom* message from my boy.
    P.S. Did I tell you how beautiful you are?

    Pam (Shelby’s Mom) xoxoxo

  15.   jack crowder Says:

    I just looked at all the photo’s again, I had the same reaction both times, sitting here with a huge grin on my face.

    Wonderful dog, wonderful family, wonderfull memories.

    Tell all of our friends on the other side of the bridge hello.

    The chauffeur.

  16.   Fortis'dad Says:

    First, I must say that I personally love pictorials……..books with lots of pictures too 🙂 What amazes me most about your photos is how Opie and the love you shared so clearly stands out amongst all the majestic beauty that Alaska has to offer. Opie was simply beautiful and the photos were a wonderful way to celebrate his life. The yellow hat is so Alaska! If you can’t tell I miss Alaska.

    What a wonderful life!

    Fortis and Dad

  17.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    We posted earlier but for some reason it’s not showing up so here it is again:

    Opie- we’re so happy to see your tribute and all these great photos. You sure were one good lookin’ Alaskan golden dude (Mackenzie still carries a torch for you – wait til she sees these pics ) We’re thinking of you and will be doing lots schwimmming in your honor.

    Kami , Mackenzie & Kobe

  18.   jerry Says:

    My Mom can’t stop smiling looking at your beautiful earthly life in photos Opie. Your handsomeness puts the beauty of Alaska on the back burner, you are such a magnificent boy. You are the epitome of a life well lived. When we think of what is pawsible, we will think of you and smile. Tell your Mom thanks for sharing your amazing life in pictures with us.

    We so miss you, but we know that someday we shall meet up. Until then, keep on looking out for your Spirit Tripawd friends, we know your wise soul will take good care of them.


  19.   Gina Says:

    ….simply wonderful….

  20.   Peyton's Path Says:

    OMD Opie! You had such a wonderful life here on earth. We miss your adventures and your humor. We know you are having a blast schwimming at the bridge with Peyton and all the others, but we still miss you a lot. It gives us comfort knowing you are up there keeping Peyton company until we all meet again! Thanks for the inspiration talk. I think we all forget to slow down and enjoy life. You were always one to set us straight with your wisdom. We need to work on my little brother because he never slows down. Mom thought I loved the ball, but Rhys is a million times worse! I’m going to start training him on putting multiple balls in his mouth (maybe 5 at once)!

    Pawsome tribute, all of your pictures are great, funny hat and all! Come on how many golden retrievers could pull off a hat like that? You Rock Opie!!

    Take care! Enjoy that new little girl Nancy and Joe! Opie would want you to spoil her rotten like him 🙂 That means lots of treats! To celebrate maybe I will go beg for something!

    Dillon and Rhys

  21.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Another OMD Opie! My mom just ordered your calendar cause you’re ONE PAWSOME PUPPY!!!

  22.   Peyton's Path Says:

    OMD one more time! When mom was on the Tripawds website Opie’s picture was on the header. He was lovin’ up on Barney!!! How cute was he. Mom was tearing up because when she went to another page Peyton also popped up on the header 🙂 ! Really what I am OMDing about is we just discovered the Tripawds calendar for 2011. Peyton is the November Tripawd and Opie is the December Tripawd. How PAWSOME is that! Mom ordered two right away!!!

    Lots of golden hugs and kisses to you and Mattie!

    Dillon and Rhys

  23.   Opie Says:

    Thanks tripawd friends and tripawd pawrents! I wish I could give all of you a big tripawd hug for real. I have never known soooo many kind, pawsome people to be in one place; even if it is cyber space.
    I miss Opie a lot, ad do all of you with angel dogs, invisible dogs, and spirit dogs . I have to believe we will see them again. The other alternative would be just too unbearable to think about.
    Opie’s mom.

    Dillon: OMD is right! It is soooo cool that Peyton is Mr. November. I can’t believe how he is in the same position as Opie, although Peyton was being a bit more active than the Opester. I ordered a ton o’ calendars because I have a HUGE family. Had to make sure everyone got one. You should have seen Joe’s face when he looked at the bill. He got over it quickly though because tripawds has a forever place in his heart.

    Again, everyone, thanks for the friendships and kind words. I wish there were more time in the day because I would like to write to each of you.

    Oh well, on to the forums.

  24.   indi Says:

    Hi Spirit Opie,
    We never knew you, but you sure look like fun. And like you loved to take naps! We are making lots of friends on Tripwads, too. We find a new story and a new friend every time we are on the site. Thanks for sharing all your great photos. Raina, Indi’s mom.

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