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Day 15

Friday, November 20th, 2009

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Camping with Opie

Camping with Opie

Well, I got my stitches out today and it felt sooo good.  Then I had my first chemo treatment.  So far so good.  Mom took me to Alaska Feed Company and got me some no skid booties, cause I slipped a little on the parking lot ice when i got in the car.  Then she let me pick out some treats that i wanted.  We were heading to the checkout when i smelled something high up.  wait…could it…yes!…beef tracheas!..on the top shelf!  I tried to get Mom’s attention, but she was talking to the lady at the counter.  aaaaaggggghghghghhhhhhhh!… Nova said that beef trachea were really good and by the smell I know she was telling the truth….finally Mom saw them and bought one.  but it was just a small one.  Not a big one like Nova had….@#!%$.  Well a small one would have to do, then the lady said, “Oh.  These are buy one get one free.”  So I got two which is almost like getting one big one…phewww.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  No work.  Well except for working at home.  Last weekend Mom & Pop were cleaning up the workshop.  Pop wanted to put the raft in the crawlspace and asked Mom to help.  Then he got frustrated because …well…Mom is kind of a wimp.

“You know I don’t have any upper body strength!,” she hollered.  Then she said to me, “Opie, I wish you had opposable thumbs so you could help.”  I just hope that doesn’t mean another v-e-t visit to have them sewn on.  I know Peyton likes his v-e-t and she is pretty, but I cannot be wooed….well except for Katie the beagle, but that is another story and another day.  Good night tripawds!  Do good! Fight the good fight!

PS.  Thank you to Jake’s Mom for the virtual raspberries.  They tickle!

Heading Down the Gulkana River

Heading Down the Gulkana River

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Day 14

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

RainbowMtOpieWell, tomorrow is stitches-out day.  I am really glad because they are sooooo itchy.  I want to scratch so bad thatI try to sneak behind the couch to do it, but Mom & Pop are on to me.  They keep making me stay in sight.  I’m still draining a little from one spot, but the v-e-t said that I could still have my chemo treatment tomorrow.  Pop is kind of sad because I am just starting to get back on my feet and he thinks the chemo will knock me back down.  Mom says a couple days of being a little sick over the next three months is worth the potential benefit gained.  I hope I don’t get too sick.

Pop has been giving me “raspberries” on my shaved skin.  It really tickles and makes me jump and wag my tail.  My mom’s friend Laurie (Frankie’s & Snarfles’ mom–I’ll have to post pictures of my friends) gives me “raspberries” too when I am at work.  Today at work, when Mom and I were leaving, I barked at one of the ladies…it echoed in the information center. I think I startled everyone including myself.  I sound pretty ferocious in a big spacious building.  I got to go visit some of the other biologists at Mom’s work before we left.  Everyone was really nice to me and Lisa (Killae’s mom) gave me Yummy Chummies in her office.   ….mmmmmmYummy Chummies….

Mom noticed today that I sound different when I run.  She says I used to sound like a two-step…1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4, but now I sound like a waltz…1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3.  I don’t know what the heck she is talking about, but what can ya do?  People are crazy.

Day 13

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I get my stitches out in two days, I hope.  There is one place on the incision that is still leaking.  I like to be clean, so I try to take care of it when it runs out, but my mom hollers and does this gagging thing like when you chew on a really good stick and some of the bark doesn’t go all the way down and you have to make that hacking noise.  I haven’t seen her chewing on any sticks lately, but she sure acts like that’s what she’s been doing.

We got some really good news yesterday.  That bad guy (the v-e-t) phoned and told my mom that the lab called (I didn’t  evenknow labradors could  talk, but anyway) the lab called and told the v-e-t that there was no cancer detected in my lymph nodes .  I have no clue what those are, but my Mom & Pop and all the people at Mom’s work were soooo happy.  Mom said that when the vet told her after surgery that the lymph nodes were reactive, she figured the cancer was already in them, but apparently my lymph nodes were reacting to the infection that the v-e-t found inside my tumor.  The lab said that 90% of dogs with findings like mine live beyond one year!  and that is without following  up with chemo!

Pop is wondering if they should put me through the chemo, if the prognosis is 90% without it, but Mom is saying she wants that other 10%.  So she is going to talk to the chemo v-e-t tomorrow.  Maybe I can take what Jerry took.  I think Nova is taking it too.  Medtronics or something?  If anyone has any ideas or information please write me back so my parents know what to do.

I am feeling a lot better.  I stay under Mom’s desk all day, except today she left her office and didn’t come back for a long time, so I went to look for her and I found her!  She made me go back in the office because dogs aren’t really supposed to be in the building, but some nice lady in charge of the building gave me special permission.  Everybody thinks I’m special…people are crazy.

Day 9

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


Opie:  I’ve been getting a lot of toys lately.  Here I am with my new halibut.  He makes a really cool honky sound whe I bite him.  mmmmmm halibut…..

I am an excellent sleeper.  I can sleep almost anywhere.  Here are some photos of me when I was still a Quad Pawd.  I have lots of adventures.  Soon, when I feel better, I will have many more.  Until then here are some places, I have slept:

Me sleeping at the throttle in Prince William Sound

Me sleeping at the throttle in Prince William Sound

I can sleep, even if my lip gets hung up on the throttle

I can sleep, even if my lip gets hung up on the throttle

I was really tired...the ocean rocked me to sleep

I was really tired...the ocean rocked me to sleep

Now I am really comfortable

Now I am really comfortable

Here I am sleeping on Mom & Pop's bed at the cabin

Here I am sleeping on Mom & Pop's bed at the cabin

So ya see I am the best napper ever!

Lazy is the new cool.

Mom will write something later.  She took me to that bad place again today.  The v-e-t.  aaarrrrrgrrrrrrrrr. I hate that place.  Anyway, they told my mom that I had a seroma, which explained the massive wet spots that mysteriously appeared aallllllllllllllllllllllllll through the house.  Well, when one place got soaked, I moved to another…I’m no dummy.  Since I leaked all over, I feel much better.  I got to plow the driveway with Pop.  I  sit beside him and drive up & down the driveway.  I left a big puddle on his seat.  It is supposed to be 40 degrees below zero next week.  Mom is talking about taking me to work on Monday and I get to lay under her desk.  She will probably make me wear that coat she made for me and I’ll have to wear booties.  Last winter I lost one of my favorite orange booties, but now that I only have three feet, it doesn’t matter.  How convenient is that?

I feel like a treat, so I am going to go to the door and pretend I need to go poop.  I always get a treat when I come back in.  I have never had so much peanut butter in my life!   mmmmmm….peanut butter.

Day 6

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Opie’s Mom:  Nothing new to report.  Opie is still pretty inactive.  He is still eating good and drinks lots of water.  H will get up to go outside to take care of business, but wants to come inside right away.  Could be that the temps are now below zero and well….he’s half naked.  Quadpawd Opie always wanted to stay outside as long as he could.  I’m not worried, but I do hope he starts to be more active.   Lambo, the neighbors high strung golden came to see Opie.  I let her in, but Opie just laid there and growled at her.

Opie:  I can’t believe all the attention I am getting.  Mom and Pop bring my water dish to me and give me lots of treats, like Yummy Chummies and hot dog and chicken.  I heard Pop say that he is going to make moose burgers tonight…mmmmmmmmm moose burger.  I’ll bet they give me a whole one.  I am learning that if I lower my ears and use make my eyes real soft and mournful, I can get them to do just about anything for me.  I go outside more often than I really need to because everytime I come back in I get a treat!    All I do is step outside the door a few paces and then turn around and come back in and a treat appears in front of my nose.  Last night I woke up a couple times and felt a little hungry so I told them I had to go….waaaaaaahahahahahahahahahsnort.  People are crazy.

PS  I figured out how to make a new avatar.  I replaced Mom’s photo with my own.  After all it is all about me, the orange dog.

Day 5

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

I took Opie to the vet yesterday and they gave me tramadol (spp?).  I think he is doing a little bit better, though he is still just sort of sleeping.  He has wagged his tail a few times and this morning he gave his Pop a giant Opie grin: not a toothy grin like some dogs,but this closed, my mouth is wider than a baby robin sort of grin.

Our house looks like a bomb went off because we have about five attempts at making Opie the most comfortable resting spots ever.  He seems to have settled on the featherbed is most comfortable,but too hot if we get the temp above 62 degrees.  So Joe and I are sporting layers and doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint to boot…that’s our story anyway.  It’s all about the orange dog.

Day 3

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Opie is not as good today as the first two days.  We misread the dose of cephalaxin and were only giving him 500mg twice a day.  The vet actually prescribed 1000mg twice a day.  Called the vet and they said to start with the 1000mg at his next dose, so we did last night and this morning.  He is now very depressed, lethargic and seems a bit out of it.  He is still eating and drinking, but not much else.  I will call vet tomorrow for advice.  In the meantime has anyone had experience with this antibiotic?  Thanks.

Let it Snow

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

SnowDog Mom:  My first attempt at posting a photo.  This is Opie.  He likes to find his tennis balls hidden in the snow.  When spring comes and the snow melts, I gather up a bucketful of the ones he didn’t find.

Opie:  WT…? I didn’t find them because I knew where they were the whole time.  I finally got them all where I wanted them and now she’s gone and picked them all up…People are crazy.

Day 2

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Opie is doing really well.  He is eating and drinking water.  From some of the other posts it seems the dogs are groggy from pain meds.  Opie is pretty much himself, maybe just a little tired.  The only thing the vet gave me for him is Rimadyl and Cephalexin, which I assume is an antibiotic.  Should he have more pain meds?  He doesn’t seem like he is in pain, but he has proved in the past that he has a high pain tolerance.

1 Day Post-Op

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Wow.  Thanks to all who responded to my last frantic call for help.  I was losing it.  We are doing much better now.  We picked Opie up at the vets at 4PM.  He was walking on his own!  He hopped right up in the car atop his featherbed.  We just put a towel on the ground (parking lot was icy) and a blanket on the floor of the Element and up he hopped!  He is now lying by the front door.  His favorite space.  He likes the cold.  I am amazed how well he is doing.

As for the reactive lymph nodes, the Vet clarified that that doesn’t mean the cancer is in the lymph nodes.  It only means they were reacting to something.  The vet said he dissected the tumor and the center was full of pus.  The lymph nodes were probably fighting that infection.

Thanks to all of you who responded to my post.  Don’t know what I would have done without this great site.