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Ponderings of the Opester

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

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I have been recalcitrant on my postings because I have no photos to post.  Armed with this realization, I have decided to post anyway.  I have been doing much thinking lately and I wonder…why am I here?  Why now?  Why not ten or a hundred years ago?  Why not ten or a hundred years in the future?  Why are any of us here now as opposed to sometime past or sometime future?

I am a dog, therefore, I do not often think in terms of past or future.  We canines live in the moment.  Why do humans worry about past transgressions or future unknowns?  We cannot change the past and arguably have little influence over future events.  Yet I watch my pawrents struggle with issues beyond their control.  Why does mom worry about whether my cancer will return?  Why does Pop express concern each time I trip or gag…was that a cough?…Did Opie just falter?… Why can’t they just recognize that NOW is what is important.  Let’s bark and wag our tails and wrestle and recognize that NOW is where we live.  Forgive yourselves yesterday, don’t think about tomorrow…nothing we do can stop what it will bring, so celebrate life, now.  Rejoice in dogs, today. ..We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  We can only be sure that it will be different than today.

So pawrents…listen to your tripawds and quadpawds.   Mimic them; they have the answer:  bark, wag, lean, lick, wear your heart on your sleeve, risk rejection, reap reward…live on the cusp of now and the moment soon to be now.  Fight the good fight.  Laugh in cancer’s face, kick cancer’s butt.  With each life lost we move closer to the cure.  We all are purposeful and have purpose; it is not necessary to know or understand or question.  What is, is.  Come on pawrents, smile and romp and hop and live…Now.

PS.  my mom spilled her wine and I licked it up.  mmmmm wine, it makes me smart!  : 0 )  Read this quick, because when I awake tomorrow, I will most likely punch one button and send the whole rant into oblivion and therefore, did it never exist?….dang, it’s hard to believe I am a retriever…don’t I sound more like a collie or a Bouvier DeFlandres?  BwwahahahahahahSnort!   Nighty night!

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My Pappy is 90!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

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I haven’t posted for awhile because my mom is visiting her dad, my pappy, for his birthday.  He lives in Pennsylvania.  I have never been outside of Alaska.  My mom always tells me that I wouldn’t like the long plane ride.  Anyway, it has been awhile since my Pappy came to visit me, but he says he may come up this summer.

Today is his 90th birthday.  So I made my Pop turn the computer on for me so I could say, “Happy Birthday, Pappy!”  Here is a picture that my mom emailed to me.  All of my Pappy’s two-legged kids, grandkids, and great grandkids gave him a surprise b-day party.  My mom said he was sooooo surprised.  None of his canine grandkids got to go to the party.  I don’t think that is very fair, but restaurants have some silly rules.

My Pappy with one of his presents

Doesn’t my Pap look like Santa?

Well, I will write more when my mom gets home.

Christmas & Stuff

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

I’m late on posting my Christmas pictures, but here they are anyway!

I love to open presents!

I love to open presents!

Mmmmmmm bully stick

Mmmmmmm bully stick

Mmmmmnumnumnumnum...another bone.  Santa is good.

Mmmmmnumnumnumnum...another bone. Santa is good.

Not funny, Pop.

Not funny, Pop.

After breakfast, we went for a walk on the river.  It was pretty cold, but it was really nice to get out in the sun.  I was running around and picked up a stick and mom chased me.  Then I saw this stick in the snow, but mom said I couldn’t take it.  It was a burbot setline.  Burbot are really tasty fish…mmmmmmm.


Me on the Tanana River Christmas Day

Here’s a picture of me in my younger days when my pawrents and I were checking our burbot setlines….I don’t like floppy fish.  I always refuse to look at them.

Wiggly Fish, yuk.  Fried fish mmmmmmmm.

Wiggly Fish, yuk. Fried fish mmmmmmmm.

We were walking on the river at high noon.  See how low the sun is?  I can’t wait for summer when the water isn’t stiff and I can swim again.

Me and 3 other goldens that happened to be on the river too.

Me and 3 other goldens that happened to be on the river too.

Me and my Pop

Me and my Pop

I stole my mom's mitten!

I stole my mom's mitten!

This next one is blurry, but my mom liked it so I figured I better post it.

Kisses for Pop

Kisses for Pop

Most winter days the moon doesn't bother to go down

Most winter days the moon doesn't bother to go down

Well, that was my Christmas.  I was pretty tuckered out when it was all said and done.  I hope all you tripawd buddies have a terrific, healthy New Year! ball....zzzzz..Katie...zzzz ball....zzzzz..Katie...zzzz

Frito Feet and DaGrinchy Toes

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Thanks to everyone who smelled their dog’s feet.  Now, try licking them…they actually taste like corn chips……Bwaahahahahahahah…no..don’t do it, I’m just kidding.  Seriously, though, I always wondered if I was the only one and now I know I am not!  Just like there are lots of tripawds out there, there are lots of Frito Feet too!  And yes CairaSue, my mom thinks my feet smell like dusty corn chips.  Jake’s mom:  my mom says that her last golden retriever, Griz, had popcorn feet like Wolfie.

My mom read a book, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down, and the author also made comment that her dog’s feet smelled like corn chips.  She was soooo excited to know that someone else had noticed it besides her.  Anyway, I am glad to know I am not alone as a Frito Feet and a Tripawd.  You are all terrific.

Dillon, I can’t wait to see a picture of you with all those chuck-it balls in your mouth!

PS.  My Leonardo DaGrinchy toes are still growing!

My DaGrinchy Toes 2010

My DaGrinchy Toes 2010

Not counting days anymore

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Hey everybody!  I have decided not to count days anymore because who cares?  All that matters is that we have fun while we are here.

I don’t have a lot of time to post today, but I have a burning question…Do your feet smell like corn chips?  I am totally serious.  All you pawrents:  sniff the feet of your canine kids, especially after they have been curled up for a while.  Do they smell like corn chips?  Let me know because my feet smell like corn chips and my mom says that my head smells like fried pork chops.   I have no way of knowing what my head smells like, but I agree with my mom and pop that my feet smell like corn chips…more specifically Fritos…hence my nickname, Frito Feet.  Let me know what your feet smell like, and this is not just a tripawd thing…I want to hear from Wolfie and Dillon too!

Day 48

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

I cannot believe how time flies!  I have so much to say.

First.  Yes Comet Dog, I am orange! I love orange.  My mom’s hair is the same color as mine.  When people say to her, “Wow.  Your hair is the same color as your dog.”  She says, “Yes.  I take him to the hairdresser every six weeks for a dye job.”  Actually what happened is one day my mom drove to this place and she cut some of my hair and went inside.  When she came out her brown hair was…well…orange, like me.  My pop thinks she is crazy.

Anyway, I went on a long walk with mom the other day at work.  First I had to get my booties on my DaGrinchy toes.

Leonardo DaGrinchy Toes

Leonardo DaGrinchy Toes

Aerial View

Aerial View

Me and my booties

We walked all around the fields as the sun was setting.  It was cold, but I was soooo glad to be outside.  I chased the balls that mom threw and wasn’t fooled at all when she threw snowballs.

After work, we played in the fields again and mom tried to take a picture of the Christmas tree next to the barn.  The snow was falling and it was cold, but the tree was pretty.

I thought I had a lot to write, but I find myself at a loss for words.  I just want to wish all of my tripawd friends a Very Merry Christmas!  I hope you all find Yummy Chummies, bully sticks, beef trachea, Greenies, squeaker toys and stuffies under your trees on Christmas morning.

A special Christmas wish to Peyton, Dillon, Comet, Nova, and Wolfie.  Peace on Earth.

Oh boy I almost forgot.  Comet, look what my Mom found in a store while she was Christmas shopping…

The photo is blurry, but it is “Anti Monkey Butt” powder.  Let me know if you need some to make your monkey butt brother go away….Bwaaaahahahahahahah


Anti Monkey Butt

Day 40

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Crikey!  Where to start?  It snowed today!  Hooray! The weather is kind of mild for December, but we are two feet behind our average snowfall and that does not make me happy.  The snow today was just a little dusting, but at least it whitened things up again.

Mostly this weekend I played on the computer.  I actually was falling asleep on the computer at one point.  I worked hard.

I love to read Nova's blog

I love to read Nova's blog

My pop and I played outside a bit, then I came in all tuckered, but didn’t want to give up my tennis balls.

Hey Peyton, can you do this?

Hey Peyton, can you do this?

Yup.  You’re seein’ straight.  That’s three…count ’em, three tennis balls in one incredible tater trap.  You can’t see the third one, but it is there.  Waaaaay far in the back behind the double decker.

Peyton, that sock thing is sooooo 70s dude.  (By the way, I think your dad wears the same kind of socks as my pop)  I have two words for you: Booo-Tees.  My mom says that at lunch time tomorrow, we are going to walk the boreal forest trail and I am really going to have to booty-up.  So, next post, you will see the most perfect trifecta, Leonardo DaGrinchy, toes nestled in the wildest booties around.  If it gets much more below zero, I may even have to wear my coat too!

Oh yeah, Wyatt Ray, you asked where I live:  Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is pretty chilly in the winter and the days are short…today is 3 hours and 47 minutes of daylight.  Mom and I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Sunrise is 10:53AM;  Sunset 12:46PM.  But after December 21, the days will start getting longer and longer, when in June it will be light 22 hours of the day!  Can anyone say, “Swimming! all night long!”  Wooowhooo can’t wait.

My parting shot.  Pop was wrestling with me tonight and I lost so I had to wear my bandana on my head while mom kept calling me ‘Sister Opie.’  Mom calls me Sister Opie when she dries me off after a bath and wraps the towel around my ears and under my neck.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t try and figure out Mom…she has issues.


oh. oh.  I hear somebody in the peanut butter jar…gotta go.

Day 35

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

The days are flying b y so fast.  Thanks, Peyton for giving me a nudge.  Sometimes I get on the site and spend so much time reading everyone else’s post and commenting on them, that I am all talked out and don’t update my post.  Anyway, I am doing really good.   My CBC was good last Friday, so my second chemo treatment is this Friday.  I hate going to the v-e-t, but I guess I have to.

My mom took me for my longest three legged walk ever so far!  We used to walk at lunch time every day before my surgery.  My favorite walk is the boreal forest trail, and my favorite swim is in the Chena River at the BLM offices, but the water is stiff now, so no swimming until May.  Mom is lucky to work on a state waterfowl refuge, so there are lots of trails and puddles to play in.  Today, it was a little chilly, so mom put on my booties before we went outside.  We walked across the first field and then across the second field and I tried to get on the boreal forest trail, but mom said I wasn’t ready yet.  She is afraid that if we go on the mile-long loop, I will get tired half way in…and I am too heavy for her to carry.  Pop says she should take the little sled that we sometimes use to slide down the driveway.  Mom said she would think about it, but didn’t figure I would stay in it.

How far can the rest of you tripawds walk?  Rear leg amputees can probably go farther than front-leggers, right?   Anyway, I think I can make the loop, but my mom is just worried.  I took a nice nap on her backpack when we got back.

OpePackI like to sleep on mom’s important stuff because she never goes anywhere without it.  That way, I wake up if she goes anywhere and I can tell her I want to go too.

I wish we would get more snow, like where Peyton lives.  We need some fresh stuff to jump around in.

Day 26

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Wow.  The days keep sneaking by me and I don’t write on my blog.  Well.  I just have to say one thing….BWAaaahahahahahahahahah!  All my tripawd friends make me wag my tail!  I love to read everyone’s post and I am really pleased to know that so many of you share my concern about dog-eating-machines.  Peyton:  I totally get that you hump the nearest bed when the dog-eatiing-machine is running around.  I have a really big “stuffie” as Nova would say, his name is Ted.  Before my surgery, when I would be really happy, like right after I ate dinner, I would grab Ted and hump him.  Ted is a really good buddy.  I have had him since I was a pup.  I will have to post a photo of Ted soon.  Mom says she will only know that I am completely happy when I hump Ted again.  I almost did tonight, but then decided I would let mom be crazy for a little while…I get more treats when she is worried and unstable.

Anyway, after work today, Mom and Pop took me to see my girl friend, Katie.  I haven’t seen her since before the surgery.  I was worried she wouldn’t want me anymore, but she was the same sweet Katie she always was.  When Katie had puppies many years ago, I was the only other dog that she would allow around her pups.  No, I wasn’t the Father, but I felt like the Daddy.  Anyway, Kate and I are tight, ya know?  Here’s a picture of me and my girl:

Katie and Me

Katie and Me

Day 22

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Wow.  I took a long break from posting.  This past week has been crazy.  I didn’t get sick from my chemo yet, which is really good.  I get up and move around a little better now.  I moved really fast the other day because mom, after two weeks of dormancy, brought out the dog-eating-machine.  I can’t understand why she keeps that thing.  It is dangerous.  I mean she never lets it off its leash, it devours everything in its path, and is really noisy when it eats.  I’m not kidding, I swear the thing smiles when it comes across a tuft of my hair.  I know it can’t wait to get hold of me.  I hate the dog-eating-machine.

The other day, I was sleeping and mom took my picture.  Look in  the background, it was hovering right behind me while I was napping!  I don’t understand why she keeps such a dangerous animal in the house.

You want to rub my belly, huh?

You want to rub my belly, huh?

Anyway, she walked it around the house like she usually does so I ran into the garage.  I know it seems like I’m a bit wimpy, but you should see this thing.

I had to go to the v-e-t again.  In spite of the fact that the v-e-t gave mom some medicine to put on the open part of my incision, it wasn’t healing, so the v-e-t put some stitches in me again.  Ughhhhhhhhhhh.  I don’t like the v-e-t.  Now I have a fluid filled sac where the stitches are.  When is this going to end?

Poppy took me on a walk down Basin Street yesterday.  We didn’t go all the way to the bottom like when I was quadpawd, but it still is the furthest I have walked since my ampawtation.  I might get to see my girlfriend, Katie the beagle this weekend!  I hope she still likes me with only three legs.  I will ask my mom to take a picture of me and Katie, so all you tripawds can see what a good looking girl I have.

Thanksgiving was a really good day.  I got sooooo many treats, but the treats are starting to slow down, which really bums me out…I heard Mom tell Pop that I weighed 85 lbs and that was what I weighed before the surgery….yikes I lost a leg , but didn’t lose any weight???huh?  Mom thinks it is from all the treats.  I wish I could find a way to tell her that I think the v-e-t had his big fat thumb on the scale.

Mom went to work today and I stayed home with Pop.  We watched football all day.  Nebraska won which makes Pop happy and Pitt lost which makes Mom not happy…Maybe the Steelers will win this weekend and make Mom happy again….sheeeeshhh!  People are crazy.